Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Professional Practise.

Ok, a while ago i mentioned the professional practise unit we are doing this term for uni, and looking at a serious plan for the future. Well so far so good. For this part of the unit there is a programme where everyone gets put with a professional maker of some craft and they work under them to gain a bit of experience of what it's like to be involved in the business side of craft. Now as much as this is a great opportunity, i didn't really fancy it, but in my tutorial i was talking about how i would love to go into the gallery business and curation and management, and apparently the woman who is the gallery manager in trelisick gallery was looking for me. She came in and was there for a seminar and q&a session about the Cornwall Crafts Association. I went up to her at the end of it and asked how she got into gallery management as i wasn't that interested in being a maker so much after uni and i could see my self in gallery work. She basically told me right there to get in contact. Before i was able to though, the list of people that were being placed with makers was up on the board, and there is my name at the top with two offers for work experience in gallery curation!
My tutor, who ordinarily i don't agree with on anything, has been brilliant. Not just with me, she has taken a personal interest in everyone's ambitions for after uni. She does seem a bit excited for me though, i think maybe because i am actually doing something different to everyone else on the course and its going well so far.
So yes anyway, i then rang up this woman, Elena. And now from Monday the 7th, i'm going to be working between Trelowarren and Trelissick and helping to set up for a show in mid march!
It's just amazing that this sort of opportunity has arrived. I have my car here now as well so there isn't much of a problem getting there. Putting this sort of work experience on my CV though will really help me. It might even be possible to get a job there afterwards. If it doesn't though it will always help me get a job in a little shitty gallery somewhere. And from there we will see.
The ultimate goal? Skip 10 years, i would love to just be starting my own gallery. A place with the aesthetic of work that i want, and my own place that i have worked hard for.

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