Sunday, 1 July 2012


Here you are.
A little sneaky peak.
As you can probably guess, I am working on a website. A photography website to be precise!

It's all come about and together because of the motivation I seem to have at the moment. It's not going to waste. Promise.
Most of making.

What really spurred me on, was someone other than my friends giving me praise for my photos. My little snaps. Thom Hunt, (From Channel 4's Three Hungry Boys), saw my photos, and after a cheeky Tweet from me asking if he ever needed someone for photos, he messaged me, informing me that he would be needing some nice photos for his new website for a project of his.

So off I trundled last weekend. Back to the homeland. Cornwall. Place of love and beauty.
A beautiful cottage in the middle of the forest. Right on the river Fal. You can even see the King Harry Ferry crossing from the little muddy beach. Where I found some nice snaps, dead crabs and limpets.
The cottage itself is one of a kind. Or one that I have never seen before. Two rooms up, two rooms down. Basement with windows. Shutters. Pane glass windows. Old, ivy covered walls. The old familiar smell of a neglected space, ready to be used again. A strange comforting smell.
Inside; pots and pans, and a huge mixture of quaint and practical objects. Wooden floors. Rugs, books. Clocks with no time left.
It's a truly lovely little space. One that I very much enjoyed capturing with my lens.

The weekend itself was so relaxed.
No phone or internet signal for two whole days. It was a mad bliss.
Fresh homemade burgers. Trudging in mud and rain. Paint fumes. Rain and tunes. Foreign county cider and 20 questions from both sides. Sunning. Pretties being hung. Exploring the undergrowth. Nearly falling unseen into the stream. Phew.
Filling films. So many. Chop, chop, chopping wood. Swinging hammocks.
Just so chilled.

The photos that I took where deemed a success and Thom has informed me that some of them are definitely website worthy. Once it is up and my photos can be seen, I shall probably go a slight bit mad and post the link to it on every social media account that I possess.
I sincerely hope that I can visit the cottage again. Whether it be to take more photos for Thom and his plans for the little beaut, or whether I take him up on his offer, to yet another one of my cheeky requests, and go visit for my Birthday.Which would perhaps make my year.

Overall, I am so so glad that Thom gave me this chance. For a change of scenery. For a bit of motivation. I know that everything we do is up to us, but sitting in an office everyday of the week was really getting me down, with my inspiration and motivation ebbing away. Sometimes it is just good to find someone with a bit of faith in you, and to give you a little push out of the rut you create for yourself.

I know i've said it alot, but really, thankyou Thom. x