Monday, 14 March 2011

Tattoo Talk.

As i have said before i would like the whole of Mosest Mouse's 'World at Large' tattooed on my back in some nice script.

But i would also like a line from a Kings of Convenience song or the whole song tattooed.
At the moment the song title: "I don't know what i can save you from" appeals to me. But i'm not sure if that would stay relevant for that long. Unless it was purely in reference to myself.
If i did get just one line of any song, it would probably be on my inner arm. Probably upper. Maybe even somewhere more discreet. So mum wouldn't kill me.

I think tattoos are going to happen in April, or just after. Me, Chloƫ and Ben all getting them done. I just don't know what to get done first.

The bird/feather.
World at large.
I don't know what i can save you from.
The lilly.

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  1. Hi there. I've never commented on someone's blog before... but I was searching online for 'Kings of Convenience' and 'tattoo' and your entry turned up. I have been wanting to get "Live Long" tattooed on my forearm in really pretty looking cursive... I'm just afraid of a few things: that maybe it wouldn't look feminine... and that people would think of Star Trek or whatever when they see it! :\
    I don't know all of their music either, I just know a few songs and Live Long is so sweet. I love it.
    I see what you mean about the relevance factor... This would be my first tattoo and I want its message to be my own.
    What do you think?
    And have you decided on yours yet? :)