Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Seeing C's.

I just recieved these LOVELY jewels from Sugar and Vice Jewellery!
They are so much better than i expected! This was a custom design that they did for me, and man they delivered.
Thankyou Sarah and Arnie!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Some favourites from summer 2010.

Favourites from Venice.

Favourites from Glasto 09.

Back in the Fal area.

Pretty Ecstatic about having a new housemate, who ADORES FOOD!!!
like recipes and healthy stuff and she at this moment in time is cooking a steak casserole thing and it smells INCREDIBLE. literally cant describe how good it smells.
Proper home comfort food. I wish someone would hurry up and invent a way to share smell over the internet.

Other than this, the last day and a half has been pretty boring.
Today i was bored beyond belief. With joe at uni aswell i didn't have anyone to talk to all day.
Though chloe was on skype so that was slightly better.

I'm thinking to tackle my boredom now, and prevent myself eating everything in the fridge out of boredom , i will scan in some pictures. From Venice, polaroids, Glasto 09 possibly..

I will post a few up here in a while.

Friday, 24 September 2010


9.10 again.
Oh well.
I had some soup today, and i dont think i'll have much else.

I am meant to be packing to go back to uni, but i dont think it will really take that long so i am really procrastinating, When all i have to do is bung some clothes in a bag and some books for uni in a box.
Im being so lazy.
Joe started uni again today, and found out that from now he has 5 day weeks. So any time he comes to falmouth will be really short visits, probably only for a day. Two if we are lucky.
I knew third year was going to be harder, but i thought it meant work-wise. I dont want it to put a strain on me and joe, when we might not be able to see each other at all.
Basically if there are ANY sections of time that last for more than two whole days and i dont have to do anything, i am going back to see joe.
I'm shitting it really though. I have to do my dissertation. I have to work with a museum project. I have to make a huge final year project full of research and stuff.
I have to be professional and not go out all the time. I have already resolved as to not going to the clubs this year. No matter what. Club-I and Shades are officially Banned from my falmouth nights. I want to avoid people that annoy me. I want to avoid people who i dont like. I want to avoid people with whom i have false conversations with. I want to erase people from my life this year as i get ready for my real life after uni. I don't know what anyone would really think of that. But i will get a first. And i dont need any pointless distractions getting in my way.

It sounds petty but as soon as term ends in the summer. and my uni life is over. I will be deleting all the people that i hope to never see again from facebook. I know a few of them there will be no doubt that i will forget them and they will forget me. I really couldn't care less about these people. I know everyone says to never burn your bridges, but screw that. I hate these people.

There is a plan-ish, after uni. Me and joe will go travelling. Ending up in australia or new zealand. We are planning on getting full time jobs from the moment we finish uni and then saving all money possible for getting out of this country. Leaving after christmas in 2012. Starting off city hopping in europe, if we like there stay a few days, if we hate somewhere leave straight away. Work from southern europe like Italy, up to Switzerland and above, then moving across via train to Moscow. Then down to Japan. I somehow want to do a brief visit to india. Literally to go sight seeing. Japan is daunting for me, but that is joe's main place. And really why not? when am i ever going to see it again. Joe was on about getting a job in australia and things but it just sounds exactly what his brother did, and i think joe would be disappointed in australia. It is the UK, just hotter. But im not going to make his mind up for him. New Zealand however... YES. I am not really that interested in seeing much of america. It would be an experience. but it just doesn't appeal to me as of yet.
I just want to experience something that is new. Uni.. what a fucking joke.

Thursday, 23 September 2010


I made some shortbread today....

I also made some Cupcakes...

The Cupcakes dont look as good as the Shortbread.
I am so chuffed with the biscuits i might just make loads and sell them next term when we have to raise money for our exhibition show.

Friday, 17 September 2010


So after getting to 9st9lbs, for some reason, today i have shot back up to 9st11 and im not really that happy about it.
I havn't done anything different either. Though it could be from natural womanly causes, but still. Annoying.

I will weigh 9st by the 1st December.
and when i reach this goal i will buy myself some lovely new undies for christmas.


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Friday, 10 September 2010


I little shopping on a friday in bath. I love it. I only really spent £26 but i had a voucher to use at Topshop, so that helped alot. I got a Tweed look jacket, its so soft and lovely, and some high-waisted jeans, they look black in the picture but they are just dark blue, and i got a couple of simple tees from H&M. I was actually a little disappointed with both of the shops today, even though i wasn't going to buy much more than this, i was at least hoping to try some things on so that i could see if they were worth having in my online baskets. But no, there was only one in Topshop and one in H&M. Oh well. It was a nice little purchase anyway. I cant wait to wear it all out.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

The Beginnings of Uni work.

Year Three is upon us and i need to get a move on, i have a lot of work to do before the beginning of term.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Next time i am bored with my hair, Im going to get a pixie cut. Promise.

Mini Raffy.

This is a late birthday present from Paul, Libby & Co. Its awesome, you get to decorate it however you want, and its so cute. Im having so much fun with it. EVERYONE SHOULD GET ONE!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Drinkable Calpol.

Im not sure about this, it literally tastes like watered down Calpol. Or a weaker version of the Strawberry Brothers Cider. It looks nice though.

TO DO//Autumn Term 2010:

Basically me and chloe keep saying that we should do things when we are at uni and most of the time the plans come to nothing or a meagre imitation. SO, we have a New Term Resolution that we are going to do EVERYTHING that is on this list, unless it is physically impossible, OR we are both skint.

TO DO//Autumn Term 2010:
  1. Join Tremough gym, £20 membership
  2. Go to Truro and do a massive beginning of term clothes shop
  3. Have a decent meal made by Tash from an awesome recipe ATLEAST once a month
  4. Beer & Burrito for £5 on Tuesday the 5th October
  5. Once a month have a house gathering, where each girl choses a magazine, a bottle of wine and a film each to entertain us for the evening
  6. Wear our new Wedges out as much as possible
  7. Go to different places when we go out and try to avoid always ending up in Club-I
  8. Have as many Coconut Coffees and Chai Lattes in Nero as we can handle
  9. Start a lookbook...
  10. ...Then record every outfit, new clothes/accessories that we deem worthy to go on it
  11. Take more nice pictures of each other when we are out (more of Tash as she is always behind the camera)
  12. Grow a lovely Herb garden
  13. Do a liquid diet week, (if we can manage it that long)-mainly soup and alcohol
  14. Buy/Make some nice cushions for the living room
  15. Go to the beach more often
  16. Go to the Firework Display with a hip-flask full of whiskey
  17. Get chloe to like Whiskey (Personal Goal of Tash's)
  18. Have a festive 'Uni-Christmas Day' with stockings, a big roast(made by tash), movies, mulled wine, presents..etc
  19. Snow Ball- pampering day and champagne included
  20. Hang out in Falmouth more, Day and Night
  21. Go to the Christmas Market
  22. Decorate Chloes room.
  23. Get a nice Poster/Picture and frame for the front room
  24. Renovate Sofa
  25. Get Tattoos
  26. October 2nd, Celebrate Chloe completing the house

Watch this Space..

The other day i got 10 disposable cameras developed. I used them ages ago. There are some of venice, glastonbury fest 09, lots of falmouth and random others.
Im going to put the few best pictures up on here, and will link them to my tumblr aswell.
Next week will be a picture full week for my blog.