Sunday, 13 January 2013

Over my shoulder.

I realise that it is nearly half way through January.
So a delayed look back at 2012 is what this is.

Every year I think of resolutions.
Usually getting fitter. Healthier.
They never work. It's only ever a temporary mindset.

This year however I have decided to be more sure about myself.
To be thankful for everything that I have, and to make the most of not so great situations.
Be positive.
A vague but worthwhile goal.

Last year was a strange one.
Full of changes. Left, right, center.

I began the year of MMXII in a slump.
No job, or money to talk of. Shortly becoming employed.
Mundane 9-5.
Money again. Thankfully.
This brought about more nice evenings with friends.
'Hey Mare, Arch?'
'Hey Steve, Cider?'
'Hey Chloƫ, Foods?'

Opportunities to do more. See more things. Meet new people.
I managed to get some motivation for my Photography again. With new funds to help.
I tried my hand at skiing. Failed miserably. Almost braking my foot on some stairs. Rather than breaking anything on the Piste.
A visit to Mexico with the family. Warm skin. Too much tequila. Midnight pool sessions with some new meets.
There were some mistakes. Mostly in my own judgements concerning character.

The summer was surprisingly lost. Being in an office most days.
Though I found a joy in the summer morning drives. Freckles from boiling sun for two hours of commuting every day.
Along with getting rather large. Too many trips to the Deli.
It was largely uneventful.
A summer of calm.

Plans for Isle of White in place. But my impatience for a holiday brought spontaneous festival goings. June bringing about an eventual change with a new yet familiar face.
Realising that I was ending my work contract soon.
Realising that I had, in effect, wasted most of my money on leisurely times.
Wasting my time pining for things that I wanted. Whilst not actively seeking.

I became tired of the same routine.
I needed a change. And it was only me that could bring it about.
Money actually started to get saved. I began looking for somewhere elsewhere to live.
Frome was not my home anymore. Causing me more discomfort, for every day that I would dwell there, without any direction.
I gave myself a direction.

My direction and motivation got me out of Frome.
It gave me a small job, in which I didn't belong. But at least I was able to pay for the roof over my head.
August and September were quite hectic months.
Plans and plans. Then all of a sudden. I'm home. Falmouth again.

Even with the stress of the move. I managed to have some fun.
After a week back in Falmouth. Realising that I had made a huge mistake with my choice of job. I managed to escape and run away for a week of music at Bestival.
Mary. My Brother. His friends. The retard family.
We had so much fun. Together and apart. Drunken stories in the mornings. Gazebo wounds.
Running back and forth from stages.
Colliding for Love Will Tear Us Apart.
Worth every penny. And moment of back breaking pain.

The changes didn't stop.
Not until the very end.
After all our planning, and all my moving, myself and Man finally moved into our house.
It is now our home.
For the first few weeks it was more of a Man home.
My possessions followed me soon after. And now I have settled a tad more.

There were times where I was incredibly worried about my money situation.
Before long I found the perfect little earner for pocket money.
Baker Tom's. Retail assistant. Bread. Bread. Bread.

Being able to afford christmas presents was uplifting.
Taking pictures of food on quiet days in the shop is a perfect way to pass the time.
New faces every day. Some you see again. Some you don't.

Although now. In the place that I have wanted to be since I left. In a job that I truly enjoy. Surrounded by food to snap. With a midweek weekend. I am incredibly lonely.

I only see Man. Also the occasional work colleagues.
But when I think that this is getting me down. I think of how I have achieved what I wanted.
Off of my own back. I was able to earn and save money. Have fun. Meet new people. Get a pretty job.Return to Falmouth.
Really, I am happy again.

New Years Eve was brought in with Mary. Falmouth celebrated with boat horns and fireworks.
As we joined and then continued with whiskey and Lord of the Rings.
No headaches where had.
And for once the New Year actually feels like a fresh start.

Now that I'm settled into my home.
Settling into my new life.
I'm glad. Excited.
No real plans.
But 2013.
I look forward to what you bring me.