Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Peaking too soon.

I dont know if it is just becuase im at uni. Or whether im a complete sucker for advertising schemes. But Christmas is very much in my mind, almost as if it is tomorrow.
Today, hungover, watching films and having a huge bowl of roast potatoes for a late lunch. Opening my advent calendar.
The Snow Ball on Saturday with champagne and gorgeous food and pampering.
Being at uni, i dont think it helps that everyone wants to have a christmas dinner and do secret santa and party before everyone goes home for the holidays, to actually celebrate christmas.
I am very excited about being home in winter again. Winter in Cornwall just isn't nice compared to at home. You dont get that actual cold down here, just rain and wind all the time.
I always miss the cobbled streets of bath and for some reason it makes
it seem more festive.
I have lots of presents to buy well not too many. Me and joe are going
twos on all the presents so that should help alot with costs, seeing as i dont have any money. Also going back to work in the holidays wont make ends meet. On the plus side, when i get my new laptop through i can sell this one and get a bit of money.
This is my little mood board that i made on Polyvore. Its not really all what i want for christmas. But i feel like im not as girly any more as i used to be. My artwork so far isn't really reflecting that either. As for the Time Travellers Wife, that is my new favourite book. I really love it. Its a bit weird becuase i can see the characters in it reflecting me and joe. Claire in the book has long flowing red hair..like mine. She is an artist..like me, in love with a handsome man with longish(for a boy) brown hair, skinny, and has a passion for what he does... its joe.
Any way i would like the dress and boots, and the purse would be a nice extra. I think my mum may actually be getting the dress and boots for me. Which would be awesome.

Later on this month i will put posts up about how christmas and my work is going.