Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Shake like a leaf.

A small one.
Busy busy busy bees.
I have not had time. Because I am using all spare moments.
The only time I have to sit and do nothing is when plans are cancelled.
Luckily they are never major ones.

Touch wood.

Managed, I did, to get to Falmouth.
It was a Lush. Chilled. Heavy.
Beautiful weekend.
It did not satisfy any cravings for the place though.
I would still like to go back and have more.
More beats. Boats. Sand in toes. Clogged lungs. Sun rise sleeping.
A life I miss.
Perhaps one I should have made the most of, while I had it all the time.

It does not stop now.
Next weekend I hit the slopes.
Sliding on small strips of wood. Down a mountain. With one hours previous experience.
It can only go wrong. And I cannot wait.
I am set with new gear. Including a very kindly lent Go Pro Hero 2 camera.
Not that there will be many extreme shots.
Maybe just a few of friends. My feet. And the avalanche.
The one that I will undoubtedly cause.


I'm coming back to you.
You with your beautiful sun. Sand. Blue waves. Mayan leftovers.
A resort holiday. I will live it to the full.
Quality time with the Family. Me and the brother zipping down 2mile zip-lines.
Lenses at the ready.
I am too excited.

This weekend.
I will have a small update of photographs.
Developed. And waiting to be scanned. Uploaded. Shared to your eyes.
Soon, soon.

Several more days of workings. Office workings. Boring workings.
Temporary necessity.
Listening to songs.
Enjoying sunny commutes.
Windows down.
Flumes and plumes a flyin'.

I can have some weeks of fun.

It's just what to do afterwards.
I will find something.
Something I love.

I'm sure.