Monday, 30 August 2010


For my birthday i was planning to have a nice tea party, with alot of cupcakes. So we made lots of cupcakes. Sadly my birthday was a bit o a fail and didn't even come close to my expectations. Lame 21st, but i guess thats growing up. I cant have everything i want.

Im really glad Chloe came to stay.
It probably would have been better out in Bath if it was actually just us two and maybe the Joes. That way it might not have been quit that much of a disappointment, and more fun.
I dont want to sound funny, but if i want to go out in Bath for my 21st fucking birthday maybe it should be me deciding where we are going..

Sunday, 22 August 2010


When ever me and my mum go to Bath shopping together we always stop in Thorntons to get a drink and some lunch.
We were in Bath looking around for cake decorations and sprinkles for my birthday where i am going to make shit-loads of cupcakes. So it only seemed fitting that i had a nice pretty cupcake with my strawberry milkshake. Yum.
Bath turned out to be an absolute fail, but the was a shop in Trowbridge that had a whole floor full of sugar craft stuff. We basically bought the shop, and even found the same little heart sprinkles that i had on my cupcake in Thorntons.

Hello Wedges!

They are like heaven on my feet.

Monday, 16 August 2010

in the Shade.

I went to Bath yesterday to have a nice poke about. I had a real browse in Topshop, H&M and Office. There are quite a few things that i deleted from my online Topshop basket after trying them on and them just looking awful on me. Good news though, there where a few more additions after trying things on aswell.
In H&M they had lots of accessories on sale, and lots of sunglasses for only £1! So i bought two. I had to, who wouldn't? But there were a lovely pair of metal aviators for £4.99, and seeing as i have been looking for a pair that fit my face
for years, so naturally i had to get them.
I must say though, my sunglasses collection has got a tad ridiculous. I think i have 9 pairs. Some of them are in Falmouth though, but ill have a count when i go back there in a month or so.
Basically yesterday i was on the hunt for shoes. The black peep-toe
wedges in Topshop or similar really. I found the wedges i was after and they didn't have my size but i tried them on anyway, and they look so amazing. They are £80, but they are suede so i guess thats why they are so expensive. I went to Office afterwards, and there were some similar wedges there, but the ankle was about an inch higher, and the toe was covered, in a nice round toes show. Suede and black again, and they were so comfortable, it was like heaven on my feet. However, these ones are £89. Quite pricey, and WAY out of my budget.
When i got home i had a look on Ebay to see if there where an
y cheaper or maybe second hand, and i found a little gem!
Seeing as Winter is well on the way i was more taken with the idea of a covered toe even if the peep-toes do just look badass. But the office shoes i tried on had a higher ankle than i would have liked. But i found these lovelies, that seem to be the perfect mix between the two. Covered shoe, lower ankle, black wedges. These babies are only £26! Magic. The cost is probably a lot less than the other ones because these are imitation suede rather than real. But they are beautiful none the less.
I bought them. Back to the overdraft for a little while. But i think its worth it. I havn't been able to satisfy my Clothing lust for a while now, so i think i can live with it.
I can't wait for them to get here.

Saturday, 14 August 2010


I am loving the upcoming fashions for A/W 2010. Leather, studs, black and white, TONNES of texture, which i love in general. Just all the badass stuff that is coming out and is available in the shops, i never want this to end!
My birthday is soon so im stealing myself for after that so i can go on a little shopping spree, im hoping that by then ill have around £500 if im lucky and then i can literally buy all the things i want. Iv been making baskets in shops all over the internet. Even things in germany. I know i wont be able to buy them. But i can fantasise about it.

In this months issue of ELLE there is a competition to get published, and you have to write a 900-ish word article answering the question.. "Do you really need another pair of shoes?". In a nutshell i said yes because our sanity's depend on it. I don't think ill win in the slightest but it was quite fun. It was just sort of nice to be able to write about something i was interested in and it not being marked at uni or criticised on my blogs. It would be something id like to do i think. Yet another pipe-dream job.

On another note, i need to get the fuck out of here. Literally driving me insane.
Thats it really.

Friday, 13 August 2010


Did excersize all day and felt really good about myself for doing it. My legs have been aching but its a good satisfying ache.
THEN it all goes to shit because my mum comes home with chocolates and my dad is home so i have to have a fucking huge dinner. EURGH.
Waste of a day.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010



TEA. (3 Sugars)

Monday, 9 August 2010

Lets go back now?

Actually just want to go back to falmouth. I am so excited for this year. The final year of freedom.

Pea and Basil.

I just made a really nice Pea and Basil paste/dip to go with some salmon.
I was going to do pea and mint but there was no fresh mint, but there was lots of basil.
It was really nice, and flavoursome.
I just made enough to fill one ramekin.
I used frozen peas, and blitzed them with a hand blender. A splash of lemon juice, a table spoon of double cream, salt and pepper, half a tea spoon of garlic granules, a sprinkle of dill and a handful of big fresh Basil Leaves.
I loved it and was pleasantly surprised. I didn't really expect it to turn out that well.
Im not sure salmon is the best thing to have it with though, maybe a less fishy tasting fish, because like i said the paste is full of flavour.
I think im going to experiment with it as a filling for a quiche maybe? Its got that sort of savoury picnic flavour that i like.

Sorry i dont have a picture, i didn't think it would be a success.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

The problem with being back at home in my parents house for so long; is that it makes me feel like i should be moving out and having my own house and getting married with a family and just generally being my own parents. I know i have to go back to university but because im nearly 21 and am unable to be my own person in my own space in my parents house its making me feel like i need to move. NOW.
I know really that when i go back to uni i will be happy to have my freedom again, in my nice room, in the wonky house, but at the moment it is just frustrating.

I keep having daydreams about my future house. They are very idealistic daydreams and there are many different houses featured.
One is the most realistic. A flat in Bath. a roof apartment with a nice airy living room and bedroom, with enough space to do some creating. Neutral throughout. White and cream. with some solid brown red and white colours in different rooms. Over looking the streets of bath. If it were to happen then i will need to work hard.
Another daydream is to own an old cottage house near some body of water, which is covered in snow in the winter time, and bathing in beautiful sunshine in the summer. With rooms big enough for the most comfy white leather sofas and a bathroom with a huge white footed bath tub in the middle of the room.
I realise that this is quite a pipe dream, but maybe when im old, it would be the most beautiful retirement home.

I need to leave here basically.
Whether it is back to falmouth or actually to find my own house.