Monday, 21 March 2011

Next Tattoo.

I have had this design knocking around for a good few years now, but i've never had the money or guts to get it done. I drew it about three years ago, and my rule, (usually), for tattoos is to have a design and if it doesn't change for a year then to get it. But if it changes then not get it because then i might regret what i got before.
Lately i have been just sort of taking things as they come with my body. Like my hair, i just want to change it, i want my ears pierced again, i want all the tattoos that i have been collecting. I think i am just in need of change in general, and until that really happens i think i'm trying to subsidise with my physical appearance.
Anyway, i intentionally drew this with my ribs in mind, on my left side behind my boob going around toward my back, but i put it up behind my ear earlier on the paper, and it fits just right on my neck. This way it fits on the left better, and right under my Quaver, but then i'm thinking that i wouldn't want it the same side as the quaver, it would become a bit too symbolic to me, so maybe the other side if i just flip it over. I'd love to keep the illustrative quality as well, so i would have to put some time and effort into finding a really good artist to do it.
I'm still not sure about the neck though. But it looks fit.
Anyways, my mum would kill me. Ha.

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