Monday, 20 December 2010

Snow etc.

I have been taking lots of pictures on my lomo of the snow and christmas lights, and being all festive, but i cant find anywhere that will develop them for a nice price and in square format. So no-one will see any of this festivity until AFTER the holidays and when im back in falmouth.

Anyway, what about this snow huh? Crazy, we probably will have a picturesque white christmas and everyone is moaning. This is what you want you know.
Ok yes its annoying that christmas presents from the internet might not turn up in time. But its like the first white christmas in FOREVER!

Being home is average, my mum and dad aren't bugging me about getting a job for once. Which is just weird really.
I have my lovely new mac, and im on it now, its lovely and shiny and new and white and nice and mmmmm.

I am just planning Joe's christmas hamper of baked goods as he doesn't actually want anything. So ill make him shit-loads of sugary snacks.

Weight? Well i havn't weighed myself in a little while but i still feel t
he same so im hoping i havnt put much on yet, christmas eve/day/boxing day is just going to be a massive binge, but its christmas and cant be helped. But after that it wont be too bad to get back on track.

Here is a picture of me to keep anyone who actually reads this going.
Im going to go and ice the christmas cake.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


There are two boxes downstairs.
One containing my new laptop.
One containing the rest of my free stuff.
The only problem is, that i cant open the boxes until the installation engineer comes to set everything up.
I dont need them to do this.
i have to wait until thursday for this pointless exercise.
Until then i am not allowed to open the boxes. Or it will make the service and warranties invalid.

Friday, 10 December 2010


Today i am going home for christmas.
I weighed myself, (9st5lbs!) as it is inevitable that i will put on weight over the holidays. My will power isn't going to be very strong when there is shit loads of lovely food everywhere. And alcohol.. DOWNFALL.

I am so excited. I get to see joe again today. I get hugs from my mummy and jokes from my daddy which will actually cure my disgusting illness. A takeaway later, (see food already). Visit my Godparents at their new house which is supposedly in a beautiful site. (Camera at the ready).

Tuesday AH. New laptop, and accessories.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


I can't remember in my life, a time when i was this ill. Not seriously ill, but i dont think i have ever had a cold as bad as this.
I can barely sleep. If i do i wake up with a horrible hacking cough.
It really couldn't have come at a worse time either, my deadline for my work is on friday and there is no excuse for not finishing. I'm not going to get a very good mark anyway, but i really need some beautiful pieces to present or i might as well just quit uni now.
It's possible, but working with a cold like this is just a pain.

Monday, 6 December 2010

There was some Frost on the Ivy.

Dates to look forward to:

Friday, 10th December:
  • End of Term
  • Assessments
  • Visit my god parents new house
  • Go home and have a proper meal
  • See joey
Saturday, 11th December:
  • Wake up warm in bed with Joe
  • Go to see Joe's house in Bath
  • Have a bimble around bath for jobs
  • Christmas Shopping
Tuesday, 14th December:
  • My dyslexic equipment, including a brand new Macbook arrives

These are the main excitements for the next week or so. I hope this holiday is good.
But first i need to get into uni and finish my pieces.
And at the moment i am very ill, so it's quite hard to bring myself to do so, but i only have three days to finish everything...

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Into The Wild.

I just watched the film of Into the Wild.
It is in credibly moving and a brilliant story. I know its based on a real story, but it has a perfect magic to it.
I cant stop thinking about it. With my own desires to travel.
In some ideal time i will live somewhere beautiful, and educate myself in the arts.I will learn Music. I will draw, i will take beautiful photographs of my surroundings. I will write down my thoughts constantly. I will read and have shelves upon shelves of books.
Maybe Scotland, by a loch, in the country, where it snows.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Winter will always be my favourite time of year.

  • Memories
  • The cold
  • Being cosy
  • Halloween
  • Seeing your breath
  • Bonfire Night
  • Hot drinks (Single shot Latte with Coconut)
  • Overhype for christmas
  • Being cold
  • Christmas market in Bath
  • Mulled Wine
  • Advent Chocolate
  • Presents on christmas
  • Board Games
  • Drinking from 10am
  • A lazy boxing day
  • Turkey curry/sandwiches with bubble and squeak
  • possibly snow
  • lots of frost
  • laughs
  • temporary money
  • New years eve
  • Fireworks
  • New starts
  • Being cold.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Sleeping Prince.

Once upon a time there lived a king and queen who had one daughter whom they loved dearly. Now on a day in winter, when the countryside was covered with snow, she was sitting at her window sewing. As she sewed she pricked her finger, and a drop of red blood fell on the sill in the golden sunlight. And a bird in a tree outside sang:

"Gold and white and red,

The prince sleeps in his bed."

The princess was struck by these words, and called out: "Pray, little bird, sing again!" And the bird sang:

"White and red and gold,

He shall sleep till time is old."

The princess cried: "Ah, little bird, sing again!" And the bird sang:

"Red and gold and white,

He wakes on St John's Night."

"But what does your song mean?" asked the princess. So the bird told her that in a castle far, far away, and further still, there dwelt the noblest and handsomest prince in the world, with skin as white as snow and lips as red as blood and hair as golden as the sun. A spell had been cast over him, so that he fell into a deep sleep from which he could wake only once a year, on St John's Night. And thus it would be until the end of time. But if a maiden were to watch beside his bed, so that he might see her when he woke, then the spell would be broken.

"And where is this castle?" asked the princess.

"I do not know," said the bird, "except that it is far, far away, and further still, so that to get there you must wear out a pair of iron shoes."

Days passed, and the princess could not forget the song the bird had sung. At last she said to herself that she must and would go to find the Sleeping Prince, and free him from the spell. But as she knew that her father and mother would never consent to let her make such a journey, she said nothing to them. She had a pair of iron shoes made, and as soon as they were ready, late one night, she put them on and left the palace.

When the king and queen missed her next morning, they sent men to search throughout the country. But the princess eluded her searchers, and got out of the kingdom without being seen by anyone. Her father and mother grieved much, for they thought that she must be dead.

The princess walked on and on in her iron shoes, far, far, and further still, until she came to a great dark forest. She did not turn aside, but went straight on into the forest, and late in the evening she saw a lonely cottage. She knocked at the door, and an old woman opened it and asked what she wanted.

"I am searching for the castle of the Sleeping Prince," said the girl. "Do you know where it is?"

"Not I," said the old woman. "But I can give you a bite to eat and a drop to drink, and then you must go back to where you came from, for this is no place for a mortal woman."

"No," said the princess. "I must go on."

"If you must, you must," said the old woman. "Come in, then, my dear, and when my son the West Wind gets home I will ask him if he knows the way. But you must take care he does not see or hear you."

So she let the princess in, and gave her some supper, and hid her in the corner cupboard. Soon there was a rushing and a sighing of rain outside, and in came the West Wind.

"Mother," sighed he, "I smell mortal flesh."

"Oh, my son," said his mother, "don't be angry! It was only a poor girl in iron shoes who came by here today, wanting to know the way to the castle of the Sleeping Prince."

"That I do not know," said the West Wind. "Perhaps my cousin the East Wind may have seen it."

As soon as it was light the next morning the princess started on her journey again. She walked on and on, far, far, and further still, in her iron shoes. The sun scorched her and the rain wetted her. At last late one evening she came to another cottage, where another old woman asked what she wanted.

"I am searching for the castle of the Sleeping Prince," said the princess. "Do you know where it is?"

"Not I," said the old woman. "But I can give you a bite to eat and a drop to drink, and then you must go back to where you came from, for this is no place for a mortal woman."

"No," said the princess. "I must go on."

The old woman shelters the princessThe old woman offers the princess shelter. Illustration: Rui Tenreiro

"If you must, you must," said the old woman. "Come in then, my dear, and when my son the East Wind gets home I will ask him if he knows the way. But you must take care he does not see or hear you, for he would be very angry." So she let the princess in, and gave her some supper, and hid her in the corner cupboard.

Soon there was a shrieking and a whirring of dust outside, and in came the East Wind.

"Mother," shrieked he, "I smell mortal flesh!"

"Oh, my son," said his mother, "don't be angry! It was only a poor girl in iron shoes who came by here today, wanting to know the way to the castle of the Sleeping Prince."

"That I do not know," said the East Wind. "But perhaps my cousin the North Wind may have seen it."

As soon as it was light the next morning the princess started out again. She walked on and on, far, far, and further still, in her iron shoes. The sun scorched her and the rain wetted her, till her fine clothes were worn to rags. At last late one evening she came to another cottage. When the old woman who lived there saw her, she was frightened and tried to send her away.

"No," said the princess. "I must go on, for I am seeking the castle of the Sleeping Prince."

"If you must, you must," said the old woman. "Come in then, my dear, and when my son the North Wind gets home I will ask him if he knows the way. But you must take care he does not see or hear you, for he would kill you."

So she let the princess in, and gave her some supper, and hid her in the corner cupboard. Soon there was a terrible roaring and blowing of snow outside, and in came the North Wind.

"Mother," roared he, "I smell mortal flesh!"

"Oh, my son," said his mother, "don't be angry! It was only a poor ragged girl in iron shoes who came by here today, wanting to know the way to the castle of the Sleeping Prince."

"Well, that is easy," said the North Wind. "The path outside our door leads directly to it."

"Then she will find the castle," said his mother, "for that is the road she took."

"Yes," said the North Wind with a loud laugh, "and little good will it do her, for the gate is guarded by two huge lions who devour all who try to pass through."

"Is there no way for her to enter the castle, then?"

"There is one way," said the North Wind. "If she were to pick two of the white roses that grow by our door and throw them at the lions, they would lie down and let her pass."

As soon as it was light the next morning the princess set out, taking with her two white roses from the bush by the North Wind's door. She walked on and on, far, far, and further still. The sun scorched her and the rain wetted her and the snow chilled her. At last she looked down, and saw that her iron shoes were worn quite through. She looked up, and saw before her the towers of a castle.

Soon she came to the gate, and saw the two great lions guarding it. When they caught sight of the princess they began to growl and paw the ground and show their teeth, so that she wanted to run away. Yet all the same she went on. Just as the lions began to spring at her she threw the white roses at them; and at once they became tame, and began to purr and rub themselves against her like kittens. The gates opened for the princess, and she walked barefoot into the castle.

Inside she found many rooms, all of them furnished as magnificently as any prince could desire. But what was most strange was that everyone and everything in the castle was asleep, and try as she might the princess could not wake them. The servants were asleep in the hall, the cook and maids in the kitchen, the gardener in the garden, the groom and the horses in the stable, the cows in the barn, the chickens and ducks in the poultry yard, and even the flies on the wall.

The princess searched through all the rooms of the castle, and at last she came to a bedchamber hung with curtains of silver, and on the bed asleep lay the handsomest prince in the world. His skin was white as snow, his lips as red as blood, and his hair golden as the sun. The princess could not wake him, so she sat down beside his bed. Just as evening fell, a table covered with the most delicious supper appeared before her; and when she had eaten, it vanished. All night long she watched by the sleeping prince. At dawn the table appeared again, and vanished when she had eaten, just as before.

The days passed, and the weeks, and the months. Still the princess sat every night by the side of the sleeping prince, waiting for him to wake. At last it came to be St John's Eve, but she did not know it, for she had lost count of time on her long journey.

At midnight the clock in the tallest tower, which had until then been silent, began to strike. On the stroke of 12 the prince yawned, opened his eyes, and saw the princess sitting beside his bed, barefoot and in rags like a beggar maid.

"At last, the spell has been broken!" he cried.

Now there was a noise and clamor of voices downstairs, a neighing and mooing and clucking and quacking, as everyone in the castle awoke from their long sleep: the servants in the hall, the cook and maids in the kitchen, the gardener in the garden, the groom and the horses in the stable, the cows in the barn, the chickens and ducks in the poultry yard, and even the flies on the wall. But the prince paid no heed to any of this, for he was gazing at the princess.

"Whoever you may be, my life belongs to you," he said. "Will you marry me?"

The princess looked into his eyes, and saw that he was as good and brave as he was beautiful. "With all my heart," she said.

And so they were married with great ceremony and feasting that lasted for three days. Then the prince and princess mounted on the two fastest horses in his stable, and rode to the castle of the king and queen, who were overcome with joy to see their daughter again. As for the prince, though he was surprised to discover that his wife was not a beggar maid after all, he was not happier, for he already loved her more than all the world.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Feeling Pretty Awesome right now.

I managed to finish my third chapter of my dissertation tonight quite early so i actually had a decent meal at a normal time for the first time in a week. Also, the meal i just had, wasn't that special, but nostalgic: Tinned Spaghetti on toast topped with TONNES of grated cheese. I have really lovely music on, singing away! It has really put me in a great mood.
Not to mention, i have lost 3lb, which just makes anyone feel better about themselves. I have my tattoo and its healing nicely, and i just generally feel good in my own body. Win.

It's getting colder and joe is in bath now, and its icy apparently. I wish i was there with him. Only two weeks and a bit until this happens though. Im always gutted around this time of year, because im missing the weather at home. In falmouth it really is awful. Just spit rain and gale force wind all the time. In bath, and at home, you get frost, and you can see your breath and its lovely AND IM MISSING IT! I'm also missing the christmas market in bath. Which i havn't been to since i have been at uni, plus side of this... Its my last year... FINALLY.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

This Time Last Year..

City of Lights in Truro.
I am now on the first page of the website, and on the first image rotation at the top. BAHA.

Even if there is a Vague idea of a plan in action, i wont panic about my future.

Talking to joe tonight, and hes having trouble with certain things about his flat, things being signed on time and people and lack of work doing etc.
We just got onto talking about next year and what we would like to be doing after University. We both would like the bohemian lifestyle and i really think it could happen.
He was saying that after the hassle of moving in with friends it might be nice to live together, and in a three bedroom house with a garage. Basically so we can have a bedroom each so we still get our space, and then he can have the extra bedroom, for his music, then i have the garage for my jewellery making. I say three bedroom so that we can still have a nice living room without sacrificing it for joe's music stuff or my art stuff, and a place where we can both get away from whatever we are doing and relax. A nice neutral area of the house to be together. maybe with a little tv, a bookshelf full of books and DVDs, with some game consoles, speakers, a nice vintage sofa, coffee table etc etc. and a nice kitchen, one that looks tidy when there is nothing in it. There would be nothing more annoying to me than a kitchen that didn't look clean when it was actually clean. No awful colours in the bathroom. Ideally neutral throughout.
Any way.
The plan..
Even though it is only vague, perhaps living with Joe, working a part-time job like 4 or 5 days a week, just enough to live and support my jewellery making, which i could do in the evenings after work, then drop my stuff at home and then go of and watch joe practising or performing somewhere, have a few drinks and go home with joe, and relax.

A reason that id want two bedrooms is that, as much as i love joe, im not ready to sacrifice my taste in decor just yet, and i like to get dressed without being watched, dance in the mirror, sing at the top of my lungs.. pretty embarrassing things that i wouldn't really want to show off. I love having a space that i can make my own. Joe aswell needs his space, for work, himself, music, brooding, whatever else men do when they are on their own.
And when we feel like it we can be together, we could sleep in each-others bed. And if for some reason things didn't work out, then we have our own rooms, and it would be a hell of a lot easier to avoid each-other. I really hope that doesn't happen though. I think i would really love living with joe.

Yes i like the idea of a plan, even if its to change, or that it is quite far away in the future. I just dont like the idea of the future being open, with all the possibilities staring at me, and making me panic. I'm not ready to be lost just yet.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Either 'And', 'Or'.

Thinking about after uni, in a realistic sense.
The other day i had a little breakdown about it. Thinking that what i chose to do now, for after i leave uni, the immediate after, will be what i do for the rest of my life. I felt trapped and just panicked. I have savings, so these can help me with my options. They could help me get a flat or small house to rent in bath. OR they could let me go on a small travel around europe. When i say travel, i mean a stingy holiday, in france and italy.
The thing is, i could get a flat or house in bath and get a full-timish job, then save money to go traveling, but it would be increasingly harder to leave that life should i begin it, financially and emotionally, and it would also be harder to get the time off work without actually leaving.
The other side would be if i went travelling or on my stingy holiday, i would use up my savings on that and then be stuck in my parents house for ages, and end up getting a job in frome rather than bath.
I'm not sure what to look for job-wise aswell, i quite like the idea of working in a museum or a gallery, so i can still be around the art world and have fresh inspirations to use in my work, whatever i may do. I'm not sure quite what it entails.

I just made a nice little song on Ableton, so it might be nice to make music with joey one day, even though he is infinitely better at it than me. He just has a natural talent.
I could get some screen printing equipment. Make some t-shirts? With some original designs that i would actually like, all illustrated by me, and joe if he likes. and if chloe get screwed over and has nothing to do, it could be a possibility.

There is so much yet so little that i can do after uni. I can do whatever i like but i still feel trapped. I dont even finish until the beginning of july so i feel like i am over reacting.. oooh
And i have to write my dissertation by the end of next week, and i really should have written the first chapter by now.


Sunday, 14 November 2010

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Scanned in the Lomos.

Favourite Animals.

Bengal Tiger.
Crow. (because of wings and black feathers)
Certain Cats.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Favourite Smells.

The Smell of Rain on Dry Ground.
The Smell of Basil Leaves when they get ruffled.
The Smell of Fresh Camera film.
The Smell of Bath on a crisp winter morning.
The Smell of my Fabric Softener. (Gold orchid)
The Smell of Stargazer Lillies.
The Smell of Joe after a few hours of having a shower.
The Smell of Sautéed onions.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Some actual work.

These are a couple of the wax forms but in copper, they havn't been shined up but i am really liking the shapes that i am getting at the moment. There will be lots more to come, but i am feeling pretty good about the presentation to Royal Cornwall Museum on friday, and i have my concept DOWN. So its all good.

(im ignoring dissertation until the end of the week)

My Project at uni has evolved into being about anorexia.

Basically, i have been looking at corsets and body image, from that, looking at the modern world that we live in, then what is the desired body shape today, (fuelled by the media), then progressing onto the extremes of Anorexia and how the vanity points, are not necessarily the Breasts or the waist, or anything really sexual, but instead the desired features seem to be protruding collar bones, ribs and hips. There is a simple question that has come from this development..

If protruding bones are such a desired feature within the anorexic community then why has there not been any decoration or adornments to either exaggerate or highlight these features?

So that is what i am making. Jewellery and body adornments to decorate these areas. I am mainly concentrating on the collar bones at the moment, as i have quite prominent collar bones anyway, (when i sit a certain way), but i cant really find anyone who is genuinely anorexic who would be willing to work with me. As of yet anyway.

I will be posting some stuff up later, watch this space.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

This is our pumpkin.

He's called Jack. So original.

There seem to be no conkers in falmouth.
This is another reason why falmouth is rubbish in every season, except summer.

Actually doing work.

These are wax models of what my jewellery is going to look like. With some development to happen ofcourse.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Fuck Uni.

Its such a pile of wank.
I am never going to be able to do anything with this fucking degree, and if i were to act on a whim then i would have left uni after two weeks in the first year. FUCK

i am in such a rage.


I wish music was my life.
I wish i could read music, and play it, have an ear for it.

Music is not my life.

Just because you own an Ipod, does not mean that it is your life.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Joseph Baker.

My Handsome man is coming to see me today! only like 45 minutes until i go and meet him at the station. Im so excited. Probably a bit too excited. But still.
It's weird, the first time i see him in a term feels like im touching base with home and not changing too much without seeing anyone so i dont just see him again and im a completely different person.
It's good.
And im excited.
And i cant wait.
and that is the only reason i am writing this right now to try and pass some time.


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I really dont understand.

I dont get it.
Do teenagers think its alright to just hang themselves in their bedrooms and jump of bridges just because they were being bullied? Iv been bullied ALL MY LIFE in some way or another, mainly for being ginger, i can take it with a pinch of salt now, and it really doesn't bother me. But where were the parents of these children telling them that its nothing to worry about and the feeling will pass? Did they watch too many drama programmes and think oh its ok to just snuff it?
Fucking idiots.
Im glad they died. Harsh but do we really need idiotic weak people in the world? I know plenty of gay people, and the reason they are here alive is because they didn't let bullying get them down, they weren't doing it for attention, in most cases its made them better people from being bullied, yes it makes you feel like shit and like you dont want to go to school or whatever, but its a passing thing. IT GOES AWAY.
Obviously like these Teenagers got rid of their lives.


Also, this blog is entertaining me about the whole thing.. HERE

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Lately i have bought so many cookery books.
I can really see myself becoming a food obsessive with recipes and nutrition etc.
This is not a bad thing at all. I love food. Flavours. YUM.
And i think that it is a good sign that i am always willing to make nice food for myself. Even if im alone. There are hardly any times that i cannot be bothered.

Eventually i would love to live somewhere that i was inspired by food and art surrounding me.

Colour and Conversation.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Finally found her! the person who made this beautiful beast. Debra Baxter. I am in love with her work. It's simplistic, rough, and original. I love it.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Mini Diana.

This is my new toy.

Monday, 4 October 2010


Uni> shite, as always.
Sex project. yay. eurgh.

Shopping on friday. Awesome.
Joined the Gym. Fit.

Mexican tomorrow night.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Seeing C's.

I just recieved these LOVELY jewels from Sugar and Vice Jewellery!
They are so much better than i expected! This was a custom design that they did for me, and man they delivered.
Thankyou Sarah and Arnie!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Some favourites from summer 2010.

Favourites from Venice.

Favourites from Glasto 09.

Back in the Fal area.

Pretty Ecstatic about having a new housemate, who ADORES FOOD!!!
like recipes and healthy stuff and she at this moment in time is cooking a steak casserole thing and it smells INCREDIBLE. literally cant describe how good it smells.
Proper home comfort food. I wish someone would hurry up and invent a way to share smell over the internet.

Other than this, the last day and a half has been pretty boring.
Today i was bored beyond belief. With joe at uni aswell i didn't have anyone to talk to all day.
Though chloe was on skype so that was slightly better.

I'm thinking to tackle my boredom now, and prevent myself eating everything in the fridge out of boredom , i will scan in some pictures. From Venice, polaroids, Glasto 09 possibly..

I will post a few up here in a while.

Friday, 24 September 2010


9.10 again.
Oh well.
I had some soup today, and i dont think i'll have much else.

I am meant to be packing to go back to uni, but i dont think it will really take that long so i am really procrastinating, When all i have to do is bung some clothes in a bag and some books for uni in a box.
Im being so lazy.
Joe started uni again today, and found out that from now he has 5 day weeks. So any time he comes to falmouth will be really short visits, probably only for a day. Two if we are lucky.
I knew third year was going to be harder, but i thought it meant work-wise. I dont want it to put a strain on me and joe, when we might not be able to see each other at all.
Basically if there are ANY sections of time that last for more than two whole days and i dont have to do anything, i am going back to see joe.
I'm shitting it really though. I have to do my dissertation. I have to work with a museum project. I have to make a huge final year project full of research and stuff.
I have to be professional and not go out all the time. I have already resolved as to not going to the clubs this year. No matter what. Club-I and Shades are officially Banned from my falmouth nights. I want to avoid people that annoy me. I want to avoid people who i dont like. I want to avoid people with whom i have false conversations with. I want to erase people from my life this year as i get ready for my real life after uni. I don't know what anyone would really think of that. But i will get a first. And i dont need any pointless distractions getting in my way.

It sounds petty but as soon as term ends in the summer. and my uni life is over. I will be deleting all the people that i hope to never see again from facebook. I know a few of them there will be no doubt that i will forget them and they will forget me. I really couldn't care less about these people. I know everyone says to never burn your bridges, but screw that. I hate these people.

There is a plan-ish, after uni. Me and joe will go travelling. Ending up in australia or new zealand. We are planning on getting full time jobs from the moment we finish uni and then saving all money possible for getting out of this country. Leaving after christmas in 2012. Starting off city hopping in europe, if we like there stay a few days, if we hate somewhere leave straight away. Work from southern europe like Italy, up to Switzerland and above, then moving across via train to Moscow. Then down to Japan. I somehow want to do a brief visit to india. Literally to go sight seeing. Japan is daunting for me, but that is joe's main place. And really why not? when am i ever going to see it again. Joe was on about getting a job in australia and things but it just sounds exactly what his brother did, and i think joe would be disappointed in australia. It is the UK, just hotter. But im not going to make his mind up for him. New Zealand however... YES. I am not really that interested in seeing much of america. It would be an experience. but it just doesn't appeal to me as of yet.
I just want to experience something that is new. Uni.. what a fucking joke.

Thursday, 23 September 2010


I made some shortbread today....

I also made some Cupcakes...

The Cupcakes dont look as good as the Shortbread.
I am so chuffed with the biscuits i might just make loads and sell them next term when we have to raise money for our exhibition show.

Friday, 17 September 2010


So after getting to 9st9lbs, for some reason, today i have shot back up to 9st11 and im not really that happy about it.
I havn't done anything different either. Though it could be from natural womanly causes, but still. Annoying.

I will weigh 9st by the 1st December.
and when i reach this goal i will buy myself some lovely new undies for christmas.


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Friday, 10 September 2010


I little shopping on a friday in bath. I love it. I only really spent £26 but i had a voucher to use at Topshop, so that helped alot. I got a Tweed look jacket, its so soft and lovely, and some high-waisted jeans, they look black in the picture but they are just dark blue, and i got a couple of simple tees from H&M. I was actually a little disappointed with both of the shops today, even though i wasn't going to buy much more than this, i was at least hoping to try some things on so that i could see if they were worth having in my online baskets. But no, there was only one in Topshop and one in H&M. Oh well. It was a nice little purchase anyway. I cant wait to wear it all out.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

The Beginnings of Uni work.

Year Three is upon us and i need to get a move on, i have a lot of work to do before the beginning of term.