Monday, 12 July 2010

I need to take more pictures while at home.

Car Boot sales are my new job.

That is all.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Ce lieu est une Prison.

I'm 'home'.

It's in italics because i dont really consider Frome to be home anymore. Its a trap. Every holiday i come back to a house with no personality. A room with no me in it. Surroundings with no inspiration. A place with no jobs. I have no source of income. My parents have cut me off. While they are also telling me to do stuff with my car and things that involve money.
There are too many birthdays in july might i add. More money down the drain.

In these desperate financial times i have printed my CV on the quantity of paper that might make up a small forest, and handing them out with no results. Me and my brother are planning on doing a car boot sale with ALL our crap. So that might get quite a nice little bundle. (I have tonnes of old Brand Name stuff and loads of Vintage Jewellery). Im also planning to crack into my life savings to replenish my overdraft. I really didn't think it would come to this at all. But my Topshop addiction really did come to a head last term. I have literally been so stupid with money that my parents are paying my rent over summer, which i am SO thankful for. This has resulted in me being cut off though. So i am literally doing nothing.

I have some ideas that i want to put into action painting wise. But with no room to play with, this is proving difficult. Joe gave me loads of huge canvases and i would really like nothing else than a room to go crazy in with them. But with my room now and the nice carpet that my parents are funny about and the shed all bunged up with crap, there really is no room for me. And everyone wonders why im so wound up lately.

It feels like i have so much to do, and i had loads of plans for the summer that i thought would be cheap and easy to do. But i have no money to my name at the moment.
My overdraft is on £-997.58.
The limit is £1000.

SO YES. no fun for Tash this summer.

Im going to bed to have some more dreams where my teeth fall out and i try to use them as currency to buy a leather bag with studs on. (Which i would like for my birthday)

Ill keep you posted on how my summer is going.
And if i manage to be creative, ill put up some pictures.