Thursday, 3 March 2011

Being a bit of a weirdo.

While i was getting dressed i just decided to put on my summer gear. Denim shorts, bikini, vest top, flip flops and sunnys. Man did i get excited. Right now the sun is shining like it's summer outside, but it's freezing cold still. Misleading bastard. But still, i just cannot wait for summer.

I feel like i really need a holiday as well. A beach holiday somewhere. Even in Cornwall somewhere, but it would be infinitely better in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. Greece or Turkey or something, Mexico again would be the last temptation to just marry a rich man and sponge, just to stay there. I could quite happily be rich and just go anywhere i pleased.
I would also like to go to Hawaii. With flowers and beaches and sunnnn.

I honestly think i am going to fail my degree. I would honestly rather be on the beach than working in a dingy studio for the best three months of my life. This summer, will be epic. I have already basically decided that i cant be bothered with work. So i will probably waste the next term. I'm just going to do this Professional Practice unit properly and see where this gets me. I am going to be cheeky and try and ask for a job with the trellisick gallery after this work experience, if i enjoy it. I would understand if they wouldn't take me, but it would be awesome. It's wishful thinking at the moment. What could happen though, is that i ask/apply for a job now and then come back after graduation in september and work. That would be ideal.
That way i would have time to find somewhere to live and set myself up for work.

Yeah, this would all be in an ideal situation, i obviously know its going to be harder than that.
I will put some effort into my uni work, but interest has been waning dramatically since the start of this year. It isn't getting better either. I'm distracted by various things. The thought of the Summer being a main one right this moment.
I just cannot wait.

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