Sunday, 25 April 2010


This weekend has been really fun in general, chilling with Gemma. A highlight of the weekend though has actually been the food, aswell as the company. On friday I bought our house a tiny little BBQ that is so short that it only comes to my knees, me being 5'3", this is quite small. Even so, it is a badass little cooking machine. Gemma came round on friday and we warmed up the new BBQ. I have been wanting to try out the recipe for quite a while and this was the perfect time. So i wrapped up two little foil packages, each of them containing a filet of Haddock, a slice and juices of a lime, lemon and orange, sprigs of dill, red chilli, and some onion. The original recipe calls for cod, and doesn't include dill, but because haddock has such a nice fishy flavour i put the dill in to bring it out. I dont mean to blow my own horn, but it was amazing, cooked to perfection and tasted beautiful. I served it with a salad with a little dressing on, and it just worked. The citrus was subtle, and the juices were lovely. Thinking about it make me want it again. It will happen again soon.

Myself and Gemma carried on our girly few days and went on a shopping trip to Truro. It was another nice day, even though there were a few shopping disappointments for me. So naturally when you start to run out of steam when shopping, you need to refuel. We went to a lovely little vegetarian cafe type restaurant called Lettuce & Lovage. I really do feel the Lovage. We got a huge plate of Nachos to share, and some elderflower to drink and it was awesome. It is just so yummy. The one thing though, is they could do with more cheese. Just a tad more. Personally there weren't enough Jalapenos for my taste. The guacamole and the salsa were very good though, big chunks of avocado doused in lime juice, and huge chunks of tomatoes and herbs. It was an orgasm in the mouth.

I would recommend Lettuce & Lovage to anyone who appreciates good food and wonderful flavours. But if you are going to complain about the lack of meat on the menu then i suggest that you steer clear.

So yes, over all a lovely few days for the senses. Amazing food. Beautiful Clothes. Fresh Air. Pampering. Chats and Giggles.

Then i have to go an spoil the good food with THE BEST SWEETS IN THE WORLD...

I am however, not complaining.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


We sorted ourselves out.

I painted and drew my shoes.

Shits and Giggles.

Simply a lovely afternoon.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Rockin' The Denim.

I might not be Rockin' it. But im loving this jacket.

Old Favourite.

This is my favourite Polaroid picture that i have ever taken, simply becuase the result was better than the intention. I took it years ago, im not sure when. It must have been spring or summer for the daisies to have been out, and for the grass to be so long. I have no idea where the actual frame is. I am sure it is in my room at home somewhere. I am yet to find it after clear outs and searches. Oh well.

I love it because i was shooting the daisies. They were too close to the lens, and the grass was shot in perfect detail. Leaving the daisies as simple block colour against the grass. I couldn't do this again. Even if i tried.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sketchbook Work Day.

Its about time i started some work.
I think im doing ok. I have got my idea pretty much sorted. All about touch and the nerves. Its a site specific project in Trelisike Gardens. Coincidentally the nerve endings that are stimulated by touch are typical leaf shape. And this is what i am concentrating on. I had the idea about a tree with different materials to stimulate different feelings in the touch. i hope it works, it still has a bit of developing to do but its on its way.

In the meantime, i am having a nice day, with OC series 2, (my favourite series). Lovely sweet cups of tea, (im almost out of sugar). Water colour drawings and niceness. Its a very nice day. I love the sun, its making me happy.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

A Beautiful Sunset.

I was just having a nap. For some reason or another i was really tired.
Anyway. In this little sleep, i had a very bitter-sweet dream. It was about sunsets. For some amazing reason, my Olympus OM-2 was working again. I was running all around these fields, in the place i used to go to have a relax near my house. Every
where i turned being a beautiful summer sunset falling in the sky. Yet every time i lifted one of the many cameras i had slung around me to take a picture of this beautiful sight, the sun would plummet into the ground, or a faceless someone would walk in front of the lens at a crucial moment, or the camera would jam. How frustrating it was. Then finally a sunset. It stayed still in the sky, not setting, just hanging in the sky waiting for me to take a picture. It was talking to me. Im not quite sure what it was saying. But it was a deep and soothing voice. The sun itself and the surrounding sky and grass resembled much of the sun god from Watership Down. I went to take a picture, this time with pure quality. I went to get my digital slr out of its case. It was heavy with anticipation as i tried to open the bag, but to no avail. My other cameras being let downs before, i did not trust them to capture such a beautiful sight. So i simply stared...

I then awoke.

I would love someone to analyse this dream. It would be very interesting.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

New Era///

(As they would say on the OC season 2)//

It feels like a new era. The sun has come out. And this is the only real reason i am feeling like this anyway. Firstly, i am stupidly excited for next term. Not becuase of uni mind. But becuase of the place. Cornwall, in the sun is truly awesome. The new term means a temporary relief from money problems. This means some new nice clothes, and some lovely summer sandals. The new term means a new project at uni, (which i really should start some work for).
The new term means beach times. Which, are always awesome. Also, me and my housemate chloe are going to be going to watch her boyfriend play cricket. Cricket times include; Picnics cider and sunning and cheering. These are all good things in my book. We are going to try and play cricket on the beach, maybe buy some kids cricket stumps and have a play in the sand. Im also temped to buy a little raft or something to take to the sea, and we can paddle out a little bit and chill.
I am possibly too excited. Maybe even enough to be setting myself up for disappointment. Seeing as i wont have as much free time as my housemates. There are likely going to be weeks, (not days), when i really wont want to go into uni at all, let alone do work. Especially if the sun and beach are calling me.
I am also going to do possibly the stupidest diet ever. Apples. Green tea. With exercise. Every day. No excuses. Maybe some veg aswell. steamed or raw. no frying unless its dry frying.
I am going to be fit by the time the summer holidays come around. My downfall will be cider. Sun and cider and cricket are just and unbeatable combination and must happen, with the occasional bit of cheese going on.
I am excited beyond words at the thought of all this happening.

Another plan this term, is to refine my style of work at uni. It is a bit all over the place at the moment. I need to use up the rest of my feathers. I have a vague idea of what i want to do. Because it is site specific, and in a garden. Im going to make a tree. I do like trees. and the branches. I need to find a nice trunk of one. But i want to do something on touch again. Im placed in the sensory garden, which is perfect. On the tree i will make the leaves, out of all different materials. Wood. Linen. Paper. Copper/Brass. Feathers. Maybe laser cut some of the materials. And i could oxidise the metals. or just leave the copper at its quenched state. To inject a bit of colour into it all.
When you anneal copper, (soften it), and then plunge it into cold water, the carbon on it cracks and some of it washes off leaving a pink colour to the copper with flakes of black carbon still on it. On the right things it looks really effective. and i think it would inject the right amount of colour to go in the tree. and if i oxidised brass it goes a muted green, so it would maybe blend into the background with the other shrubs and plants in the garden.
This project is actually going to involve some work... HUM

Its going to be a good term.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Grow. out and up.

I need the layers in my hair to grow out. they are the left overs from my mullet. i got into a cycle of having my hair cut into a mullet. Growing it out. mullet once more. this time though i think i have grown up some more. A mullet no longer works. but i do not quite know what i want. More girly than funky. like before.
I did have my hair trimmed a few days ago.
I found a picture on the Tony and Guy website of hair that i love and think i could get away with if the fringe wasn't so thick and maybe if i could keep the volume in the hair.
I took it to my hair dresser and she wasn't able to do it because the layers in my hair are too short, even though the main length of my hair is really long.
This 'do' is what i am going to aspire to now. but im going to try and keep it interesting in the meantime. For now i just have a bit of a 60's fringe. peace.