Monday, 24 January 2011


So i am now an Artefact Researcher, (Volunteer).
I had a little tour around the museum from a lovely lady named Maggie, and we had about a half hour conversation about my hair colour which was cool.
There are lots of volunteers that actually do main things in the museum, like there were a couple of them down in the basement cataloguing donations of fossils and figuring out what they actually are.
I was quite surprised that it was mainly volunteers and then that there are only a few curators and things like that.

Im excited now though, that i am actually doing something worthwhile rather than just sat in a room with a load of stuff getting dodgy looks from strangers as to whether they can touch it or not.

I am basically going to be working for the revealing collections section and finding out as much information as i can on particular artefacts and then making a file on them.

Its such a good opportunity for my cv, and i can basically keep it going until work gets too heavy.

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