Saturday, 29 January 2011

Happy Birthday Joe.

Joseph Donald Clarke Baker is 23 today.

I swear he's getting more good looking as he gets older.

It's so gutting that i cant be there for his birthday, but i'll see him soon hopefully.
I really hope so, but its not looking that promising to be honest. EURGH. i miss him so much.

He liked his presents:
Clint Eastwood DVD box-set
Black Squid Ink pasta
Haribo men
and a gay little chime ball.

And my mum gave him an awesome batman card with some money inside. So that can go towards his interface.
I just really hope i can see im soon. Maybe after this stupid dissertation is in.
(Which im having trouble doing right now)

I'm so tired, to the point in considering getting something off kitty or someone to keep me up. I want to go to sleep so much. I just re-read a para graph of what i just wrote and it just doesn't make sense. Like not that the grammar is bad or anything but just like.. thats not relevant, why am i writing that.


Anyway, I need to get writing if im going to finish it by 00:00 sunday night.

Happy Birthday Joey. I love you. Have a nice relaxing day watching your westerns. x

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