Sunday, 11 November 2012

Missing Months

First of all I should probably apologise, again, for the lack of posting.
Even after previous promises.
I lied to you and I am sorry.

There is too much and too little time.

There are big things for me in works. I am moving house tomorrow.
The start of a new. Clean Slate. All that.
It's those eras again.

This calls for a new photography project.
One concentrating on myself. My reactions and details of a new life.
Whilst "Living with Man".

I am moving in with my good friend, 'Man'.
Seeing as I have never lived alone with another person before, I thought it would be eye opening and quite interesting to record the details of a new experience.
Most of the photographs will be of food.
I can tell.
We will get fat together.

There is a downside to this project plan.
Even though I have no money, very kind individuals have sent me a lovely amount of camera film for me to use. As generous and amazing this is of everyone, I still do not have the money for film developing.
So the first images of this project will be a little way away.
I also will not have access to internet at home for the next few weeks. so updates of living and photographing will be sporadic.
Maybe even more so than now...
Though I shall do my best.
It will be a nice excuse to sit and sip in a cafe.

Today is the last packing day.
So perhaps I should get on.

I hope to write again soon.

Keep an eye.

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