Tuesday, 2 November 2010

My Project at uni has evolved into being about anorexia.

Basically, i have been looking at corsets and body image, from that, looking at the modern world that we live in, then what is the desired body shape today, (fuelled by the media), then progressing onto the extremes of Anorexia and how the vanity points, are not necessarily the Breasts or the waist, or anything really sexual, but instead the desired features seem to be protruding collar bones, ribs and hips. There is a simple question that has come from this development..

If protruding bones are such a desired feature within the anorexic community then why has there not been any decoration or adornments to either exaggerate or highlight these features?

So that is what i am making. Jewellery and body adornments to decorate these areas. I am mainly concentrating on the collar bones at the moment, as i have quite prominent collar bones anyway, (when i sit a certain way), but i cant really find anyone who is genuinely anorexic who would be willing to work with me. As of yet anyway.

I will be posting some stuff up later, watch this space.

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