Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Feeling Pretty Awesome right now.

I managed to finish my third chapter of my dissertation tonight quite early so i actually had a decent meal at a normal time for the first time in a week. Also, the meal i just had, wasn't that special, but nostalgic: Tinned Spaghetti on toast topped with TONNES of grated cheese. I have really lovely music on, singing away! It has really put me in a great mood.
Not to mention, i have lost 3lb, which just makes anyone feel better about themselves. I have my tattoo and its healing nicely, and i just generally feel good in my own body. Win.

It's getting colder and joe is in bath now, and its icy apparently. I wish i was there with him. Only two weeks and a bit until this happens though. Im always gutted around this time of year, because im missing the weather at home. In falmouth it really is awful. Just spit rain and gale force wind all the time. In bath, and at home, you get frost, and you can see your breath and its lovely AND IM MISSING IT! I'm also missing the christmas market in bath. Which i havn't been to since i have been at uni, plus side of this... Its my last year... FINALLY.

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