Monday, 15 November 2010

Either 'And', 'Or'.

Thinking about after uni, in a realistic sense.
The other day i had a little breakdown about it. Thinking that what i chose to do now, for after i leave uni, the immediate after, will be what i do for the rest of my life. I felt trapped and just panicked. I have savings, so these can help me with my options. They could help me get a flat or small house to rent in bath. OR they could let me go on a small travel around europe. When i say travel, i mean a stingy holiday, in france and italy.
The thing is, i could get a flat or house in bath and get a full-timish job, then save money to go traveling, but it would be increasingly harder to leave that life should i begin it, financially and emotionally, and it would also be harder to get the time off work without actually leaving.
The other side would be if i went travelling or on my stingy holiday, i would use up my savings on that and then be stuck in my parents house for ages, and end up getting a job in frome rather than bath.
I'm not sure what to look for job-wise aswell, i quite like the idea of working in a museum or a gallery, so i can still be around the art world and have fresh inspirations to use in my work, whatever i may do. I'm not sure quite what it entails.

I just made a nice little song on Ableton, so it might be nice to make music with joey one day, even though he is infinitely better at it than me. He just has a natural talent.
I could get some screen printing equipment. Make some t-shirts? With some original designs that i would actually like, all illustrated by me, and joe if he likes. and if chloe get screwed over and has nothing to do, it could be a possibility.

There is so much yet so little that i can do after uni. I can do whatever i like but i still feel trapped. I dont even finish until the beginning of july so i feel like i am over reacting.. oooh
And i have to write my dissertation by the end of next week, and i really should have written the first chapter by now.


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