Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Even if there is a Vague idea of a plan in action, i wont panic about my future.

Talking to joe tonight, and hes having trouble with certain things about his flat, things being signed on time and people and lack of work doing etc.
We just got onto talking about next year and what we would like to be doing after University. We both would like the bohemian lifestyle and i really think it could happen.
He was saying that after the hassle of moving in with friends it might be nice to live together, and in a three bedroom house with a garage. Basically so we can have a bedroom each so we still get our space, and then he can have the extra bedroom, for his music, then i have the garage for my jewellery making. I say three bedroom so that we can still have a nice living room without sacrificing it for joe's music stuff or my art stuff, and a place where we can both get away from whatever we are doing and relax. A nice neutral area of the house to be together. maybe with a little tv, a bookshelf full of books and DVDs, with some game consoles, speakers, a nice vintage sofa, coffee table etc etc. and a nice kitchen, one that looks tidy when there is nothing in it. There would be nothing more annoying to me than a kitchen that didn't look clean when it was actually clean. No awful colours in the bathroom. Ideally neutral throughout.
Any way.
The plan..
Even though it is only vague, perhaps living with Joe, working a part-time job like 4 or 5 days a week, just enough to live and support my jewellery making, which i could do in the evenings after work, then drop my stuff at home and then go of and watch joe practising or performing somewhere, have a few drinks and go home with joe, and relax.

A reason that id want two bedrooms is that, as much as i love joe, im not ready to sacrifice my taste in decor just yet, and i like to get dressed without being watched, dance in the mirror, sing at the top of my lungs.. pretty embarrassing things that i wouldn't really want to show off. I love having a space that i can make my own. Joe aswell needs his space, for work, himself, music, brooding, whatever else men do when they are on their own.
And when we feel like it we can be together, we could sleep in each-others bed. And if for some reason things didn't work out, then we have our own rooms, and it would be a hell of a lot easier to avoid each-other. I really hope that doesn't happen though. I think i would really love living with joe.

Yes i like the idea of a plan, even if its to change, or that it is quite far away in the future. I just dont like the idea of the future being open, with all the possibilities staring at me, and making me panic. I'm not ready to be lost just yet.

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