Saturday, 14 August 2010


I am loving the upcoming fashions for A/W 2010. Leather, studs, black and white, TONNES of texture, which i love in general. Just all the badass stuff that is coming out and is available in the shops, i never want this to end!
My birthday is soon so im stealing myself for after that so i can go on a little shopping spree, im hoping that by then ill have around £500 if im lucky and then i can literally buy all the things i want. Iv been making baskets in shops all over the internet. Even things in germany. I know i wont be able to buy them. But i can fantasise about it.

In this months issue of ELLE there is a competition to get published, and you have to write a 900-ish word article answering the question.. "Do you really need another pair of shoes?". In a nutshell i said yes because our sanity's depend on it. I don't think ill win in the slightest but it was quite fun. It was just sort of nice to be able to write about something i was interested in and it not being marked at uni or criticised on my blogs. It would be something id like to do i think. Yet another pipe-dream job.

On another note, i need to get the fuck out of here. Literally driving me insane.
Thats it really.

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