Sunday, 1 August 2010

The problem with being back at home in my parents house for so long; is that it makes me feel like i should be moving out and having my own house and getting married with a family and just generally being my own parents. I know i have to go back to university but because im nearly 21 and am unable to be my own person in my own space in my parents house its making me feel like i need to move. NOW.
I know really that when i go back to uni i will be happy to have my freedom again, in my nice room, in the wonky house, but at the moment it is just frustrating.

I keep having daydreams about my future house. They are very idealistic daydreams and there are many different houses featured.
One is the most realistic. A flat in Bath. a roof apartment with a nice airy living room and bedroom, with enough space to do some creating. Neutral throughout. White and cream. with some solid brown red and white colours in different rooms. Over looking the streets of bath. If it were to happen then i will need to work hard.
Another daydream is to own an old cottage house near some body of water, which is covered in snow in the winter time, and bathing in beautiful sunshine in the summer. With rooms big enough for the most comfy white leather sofas and a bathroom with a huge white footed bath tub in the middle of the room.
I realise that this is quite a pipe dream, but maybe when im old, it would be the most beautiful retirement home.

I need to leave here basically.
Whether it is back to falmouth or actually to find my own house.

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