Monday, 16 August 2010

in the Shade.

I went to Bath yesterday to have a nice poke about. I had a real browse in Topshop, H&M and Office. There are quite a few things that i deleted from my online Topshop basket after trying them on and them just looking awful on me. Good news though, there where a few more additions after trying things on aswell.
In H&M they had lots of accessories on sale, and lots of sunglasses for only £1! So i bought two. I had to, who wouldn't? But there were a lovely pair of metal aviators for £4.99, and seeing as i have been looking for a pair that fit my face
for years, so naturally i had to get them.
I must say though, my sunglasses collection has got a tad ridiculous. I think i have 9 pairs. Some of them are in Falmouth though, but ill have a count when i go back there in a month or so.
Basically yesterday i was on the hunt for shoes. The black peep-toe
wedges in Topshop or similar really. I found the wedges i was after and they didn't have my size but i tried them on anyway, and they look so amazing. They are £80, but they are suede so i guess thats why they are so expensive. I went to Office afterwards, and there were some similar wedges there, but the ankle was about an inch higher, and the toe was covered, in a nice round toes show. Suede and black again, and they were so comfortable, it was like heaven on my feet. However, these ones are £89. Quite pricey, and WAY out of my budget.
When i got home i had a look on Ebay to see if there where an
y cheaper or maybe second hand, and i found a little gem!
Seeing as Winter is well on the way i was more taken with the idea of a covered toe even if the peep-toes do just look badass. But the office shoes i tried on had a higher ankle than i would have liked. But i found these lovelies, that seem to be the perfect mix between the two. Covered shoe, lower ankle, black wedges. These babies are only £26! Magic. The cost is probably a lot less than the other ones because these are imitation suede rather than real. But they are beautiful none the less.
I bought them. Back to the overdraft for a little while. But i think its worth it. I havn't been able to satisfy my Clothing lust for a while now, so i think i can live with it.
I can't wait for them to get here.

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