Monday, 9 August 2010

Pea and Basil.

I just made a really nice Pea and Basil paste/dip to go with some salmon.
I was going to do pea and mint but there was no fresh mint, but there was lots of basil.
It was really nice, and flavoursome.
I just made enough to fill one ramekin.
I used frozen peas, and blitzed them with a hand blender. A splash of lemon juice, a table spoon of double cream, salt and pepper, half a tea spoon of garlic granules, a sprinkle of dill and a handful of big fresh Basil Leaves.
I loved it and was pleasantly surprised. I didn't really expect it to turn out that well.
Im not sure salmon is the best thing to have it with though, maybe a less fishy tasting fish, because like i said the paste is full of flavour.
I think im going to experiment with it as a filling for a quiche maybe? Its got that sort of savoury picnic flavour that i like.

Sorry i dont have a picture, i didn't think it would be a success.

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