Thursday, 8 April 2010

New Era///

(As they would say on the OC season 2)//

It feels like a new era. The sun has come out. And this is the only real reason i am feeling like this anyway. Firstly, i am stupidly excited for next term. Not becuase of uni mind. But becuase of the place. Cornwall, in the sun is truly awesome. The new term means a temporary relief from money problems. This means some new nice clothes, and some lovely summer sandals. The new term means a new project at uni, (which i really should start some work for).
The new term means beach times. Which, are always awesome. Also, me and my housemate chloe are going to be going to watch her boyfriend play cricket. Cricket times include; Picnics cider and sunning and cheering. These are all good things in my book. We are going to try and play cricket on the beach, maybe buy some kids cricket stumps and have a play in the sand. Im also temped to buy a little raft or something to take to the sea, and we can paddle out a little bit and chill.
I am possibly too excited. Maybe even enough to be setting myself up for disappointment. Seeing as i wont have as much free time as my housemates. There are likely going to be weeks, (not days), when i really wont want to go into uni at all, let alone do work. Especially if the sun and beach are calling me.
I am also going to do possibly the stupidest diet ever. Apples. Green tea. With exercise. Every day. No excuses. Maybe some veg aswell. steamed or raw. no frying unless its dry frying.
I am going to be fit by the time the summer holidays come around. My downfall will be cider. Sun and cider and cricket are just and unbeatable combination and must happen, with the occasional bit of cheese going on.
I am excited beyond words at the thought of all this happening.

Another plan this term, is to refine my style of work at uni. It is a bit all over the place at the moment. I need to use up the rest of my feathers. I have a vague idea of what i want to do. Because it is site specific, and in a garden. Im going to make a tree. I do like trees. and the branches. I need to find a nice trunk of one. But i want to do something on touch again. Im placed in the sensory garden, which is perfect. On the tree i will make the leaves, out of all different materials. Wood. Linen. Paper. Copper/Brass. Feathers. Maybe laser cut some of the materials. And i could oxidise the metals. or just leave the copper at its quenched state. To inject a bit of colour into it all.
When you anneal copper, (soften it), and then plunge it into cold water, the carbon on it cracks and some of it washes off leaving a pink colour to the copper with flakes of black carbon still on it. On the right things it looks really effective. and i think it would inject the right amount of colour to go in the tree. and if i oxidised brass it goes a muted green, so it would maybe blend into the background with the other shrubs and plants in the garden.
This project is actually going to involve some work... HUM

Its going to be a good term.

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