Sunday, 11 April 2010

A Beautiful Sunset.

I was just having a nap. For some reason or another i was really tired.
Anyway. In this little sleep, i had a very bitter-sweet dream. It was about sunsets. For some amazing reason, my Olympus OM-2 was working again. I was running all around these fields, in the place i used to go to have a relax near my house. Every
where i turned being a beautiful summer sunset falling in the sky. Yet every time i lifted one of the many cameras i had slung around me to take a picture of this beautiful sight, the sun would plummet into the ground, or a faceless someone would walk in front of the lens at a crucial moment, or the camera would jam. How frustrating it was. Then finally a sunset. It stayed still in the sky, not setting, just hanging in the sky waiting for me to take a picture. It was talking to me. Im not quite sure what it was saying. But it was a deep and soothing voice. The sun itself and the surrounding sky and grass resembled much of the sun god from Watership Down. I went to take a picture, this time with pure quality. I went to get my digital slr out of its case. It was heavy with anticipation as i tried to open the bag, but to no avail. My other cameras being let downs before, i did not trust them to capture such a beautiful sight. So i simply stared...

I then awoke.

I would love someone to analyse this dream. It would be very interesting.

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