Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Grow. out and up.

I need the layers in my hair to grow out. they are the left overs from my mullet. i got into a cycle of having my hair cut into a mullet. Growing it out. mullet once more. this time though i think i have grown up some more. A mullet no longer works. but i do not quite know what i want. More girly than funky. like before.
I did have my hair trimmed a few days ago.
I found a picture on the Tony and Guy website of hair that i love and think i could get away with if the fringe wasn't so thick and maybe if i could keep the volume in the hair.
I took it to my hair dresser and she wasn't able to do it because the layers in my hair are too short, even though the main length of my hair is really long.
This 'do' is what i am going to aspire to now. but im going to try and keep it interesting in the meantime. For now i just have a bit of a 60's fringe. peace.

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