Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Eye. Telephone.

A few things have happened. A few insignificant things. Materialistic happenings.
I have a iPhone. You may have guessed. I have a new car. Dexter. The mini beast.
In a nutshell. My job may not be the most interesting in the world. It is however, giving me money.
My goodness. I am finding ways to spend it.
Tiring yes. I may complain. But ultimately my job is getting me up and out if the house everyday. Taking me away from the pretty things that I want to see. Making me more inclined to search them out.
There has been a dramatic increase in picture taking. Ease of the iPhone.

I am excited for my weekends. For future plans. For recent happenings. Pipe dreams and day wishes.
They look more likely.

Pictures make me motivated.
I will snap.
Bend the light to my lens.

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