Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Days with lovers.


Work has obvious downsides. Always. Where ever you work. Whatever the routine. The daily grind is named that for a reason. Sometimes you have to drag your feet.
Upsides are never really far behind.
You just have to look to your left and your right.
Up instead of down.
Should all else fail.
Peek over your shoulder.

Time spent in work takes away days. Whole days.
There are few hours in which I can see loves.
Mary. Steve. Chloe. Whitney. I have seen you mostly.

I'm not wasting the money I earn in my wasted time in an office.
I am eating out. Drinking out. Company enjoyed and plans fitting seamlessly together.

Yes valentines.
A day of either love or despair.
I cooked for two of whom I care. We sipped with unkissed lips. Our own little lonely hearts club.
I was by no means alone. And I never am.
Loneliness only ever comes when I remember other times of happiness. Intimacy and privacy.

The unloved are loved.

Chloe. Little munchkin.
It is bitter-sweet that I work so far from home. Maybe not even far. But it feels so.
A decent wage. Two hours plus of daily travel. Bitter.
Easy work. Near Chloƫ. Pretty little town. Sweet.

Lovely lunchin's.
Like we do.

The near future.
It will be busy.
And i will have my little treats.

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