Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Slow day.

After what I said in my last post, about having perfect nails all the time, they are a tad scrappy now. I don't trust this nail polish anymore. It's flakey. I have never seen a red sycamore seed before. If I have, then I cannot remember it. I saw loads of them scattered along the pathement on the way home. It looked quite startling. The vibrant red against the faded gray. Almost like blood drops on the floor.
When I got home I had a nice surprise. In the post came a parcel from Chloƫ. Inside was my birthday present and I shouldn't really have opened it, but it was unwrapped so I had to really. The lovely brown package cantained a nice card, addressed to 'Ginge', A chocolate bar, a little flowery tin, and inside the tin was a badge with the word 'Winner' stamped onto it. It's my birthday badge, and I have to wear it on saturday night.

Today was slow. This evening is even slower. This weekend is taking longer and longer to get here.

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