Wednesday, 17 August 2011


As from the lack of posts, you should assume, and rightly so, that not much has been happening in the world of Tash. When i say that not much has been happening, what I really mean is, I havn't been taking many photos of nice things. This is a slight lie.. I went to Wales for my cousin's 18th birthday and took lots of photographs of family and cakes. I fear my eyes have had it with cupcakes for the time being. Just to decorate 150 of them is quite enough thankyou. I no longer hold pictures of cupcakes with great esteem.
Other things: I am now employed. Sales assistant for an independent mens clothing company, currently based in London, but with a new store opening in Bath next month. That's where I will be working. A nice little shop in Little SouthGate. I'm going to have to travel to London for training. Not going to lie.. I'm not the biggest fan of London. I am a country girl through and through, and big cities just scare me. Though, saying that, I'm not all too scared of the underground.
I have a man in my life again. He's lovely and I am very lucky. I miss him in the week when he is working. I worry about how he is, then appreciate it when he lets me know how he's feeling and what he's thinking. It's refreshing. I also miss the shed. It sounds silly, but I have been basically confined to my room for the last few weeks, and it was nice to just go out to the shed, with music and do some work. I wish I could go out there most days and paint. Unfortunately, my parents are having the kitchen redone and the shed has become their temporary dumping ground, but never mind. To keep myself occupied, I have been reading. I have been sleeping. I have been cleaning and tidying. I have seen both Steve and Mary this week, which was nice. Evening drinks with Steve on Monday, and Lunchtime wanderings with Mary today, with nice food at the Garden Cafe and shelter from the rain from a small pear tree. I like lunching. It makes me feel like a grown-up.
One last thing: As a birthday present to myself, I have booked myself in at Punctured Skin to get the lily that I designed about 4 years ago tattooed. On my left side, the size of my hand, on my ribs. Three hours of slight pain. I may take a book. I won't be able to wear a bra until it starts to heal properly, hang 'em loose like a hippy I guess.
I am excited for things to come. For the moment however, I am severely bored, and with no money to speak of, it makes it quite difficult to make plans with friends or with myself.
The sign of boredom, is when the photographs stop.
Or just blame the rain.

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