Sunday, 21 August 2011

Passing time.

As all I seem to be doing lately is waiting around for something to happen, I have taken up the habit of doing my nails, almost every day. If it goes wrong then I actually have the time to just do it all over again, until perfect.

Other activities of Tash these days include:
  • Playing Sims.
  • Reading all my Tess Gerritsen books.
  • Drinking coffee.
  • Drinking Tea.
  • All day naps.
Also, slightly out of boredom, I have taken to trying to make my room look a bit like it did in Falmouth. The same pictures and basically the same lay-out. It has worked, and I like it more here in my white room, instead of dirty cream.

I will be painting the kitchen this coming week. It's really quite a nice colour that my mum has chosen. It's not one that i would have expected either. 'Soft Stone'. I will get some pictures up of it when the kitchen is all done. And then finally I will be able to bake sweet things again. I'm not a fan of this living on salad.

I like my room. (Most days)

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