Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The End, again.

It is strange to think that last thursday, me and Chloë where sat on the edge of the quayside, eating chips, drinking wine and smoking cheap cigarettes. We reminisced, we gave voices to seagulls, we walked through Falmouth, starting our goodbyes to this place we had grown to love over the last three years.

Friday was my private view for the end of the year, and everyones work was really amazing. I wish everyone the best of luck, and i feel bad for not sticking around, but i really couldn't take it. My parents came down to pick up my things to move out, and they took us out for a good hearty steak dinner. There was a sea shanty festival happening on the quayside, where we were reminiscing the evening before. My Dad loved it, and heard it half a mile away. He was in his element.

The last night in the Wonky Blue house was very bizarre. Apparently we are the only two who have stayed for more than a year. Everything was empty. Almost how we found it.

I will miss this house. It has the most character of any house i have ever seen. Perhaps there is such a thing as too much. Nevertheless this house will be remembered.

All too soon, my room was bare. My things where on their way to Frome, and our keys where on the table.

As much as i am sad to leave this house, and this place that has been my home for two/three years, i am quite glad to go. This marks the end of a lot of things and the beginnings of new ones.

Coming home and unpacking for the last few days has been another strange experience. Seeing the things that i have become accustom to seeing in the Blue house, in my room makes it all too apparent that i am not quite moving onto anything new. I have moved back home, in a limbo, waiting for what is next.

I even got slightly emotional when i emptied my jar of coppers.

The past couple of weeks have been eventful. Minor and major mishaps. Happiness and sadness at leaving somewhere that has pushed me into another direction. The last few days have been down days, with frustration mounting. The nagging has only just begun. Get a job, do your work. There will be stress, a lot of it to come. All i can really do is try my best, and when i can, enjoy the comforts of being home.

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