Friday, 17 June 2011


These last 7 days have been truly terrible.

Thursday 9th:
Pre-drinking in my room, my laptop providing music and internet entertainment, and Chloe spills dissoronno on it. Possibly the worst drink to ever spill on a laptop. I go out anyway, having left the laptop to dry out. I was a state that night. Vomit. Everywhere.

A great start.

Friday 10th:
Hungover. Laptop wouldn't turn on. I spent the whole day dragging Chloe around, trying to find a screw driver that would fit the screws on the back of it the laptop. Mac really don't want you to fix your own technology. When the back came off there were actual puddles of syrup in there. All over the battery, hardrive, circetboard. Just a big sticky mess.

Saturday 11th:
No laptop, no internet, no DVD player, no money, no anything. So rediculously bored.

Sunday 12th:
Started reading books.

Monday 13th:
We all had to go to a meeting at 10am in the student union bar to see if we were to be picked to then do our vivas again to the exterminal examiners. I did. Twice. One in the morning about the studio work, one in the afternoon for a dissertation discussion. I was taking advantage of the internet and while browsing on facebook saw something quite fustrating and may have lashed out without just cause. Fool.

Tuesday 14th:
Thought the day might go alright. At 2pm i got a phone call from my course leader.. I haven't passed the course. I have not recieved a degree. I got 37 for my studio practice, and therefore failed that modual, and failed the course. I think it was the first time i had cried since April. He informed me that i was able to resubmit work by the 1st august. I will be doing uni work for another month, but at home.

Wednesday 15th:
Recieved several emails, not nessessarily unwanted, but unexpected and upsetting. In retrospect i'm glad that i got them.

Thursday 16th:
There wasn't the suitcase that i wanted in the charity shop.

Friday 17th:
Today the Falmouth docks exploded. I'm hoping my bad luck has now rubbed off on someone else, but not too badly. The private view is later, my parents are driving in the rain to come and see me, and i'm a tad anxious.

Overall, it's been a pretty shit and fustrating week. I am currently on a compter in Uni. An ugly, bulky black Dell. I would do alot to just have my Mac back now.
I am going back home tomorrow. Back to familiarity. Back to working, instead of back to living. I am so dissapointed in myself, and i have noone to blame but me. 1st of August and i will be free. Hopefully.

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