Sunday, 21 April 2013

A Small Return.

More apologies for the delay in posting.
I would like to say that I have been busy.
But I have not.
I have been moping about.
Being poor.
And all that.
No excuse for not sitting and blogging really. 

You may know, or may not. That I returned to 7th Rise last month.
A little under a year since my last&first visit.
I really do not know why it has taken me quite that long.

You may all get the hint that my life is not generally moving in the desired direction at the moment.
Despite efforts.
It was a small relief that I felt when walking down the muddy slope.
Though the fields and the trees.
Towards the familiar little cottage. 

The place itself has not only grown.
But evolved.
Efforts and hard work of many have changed and tweaked.
Constantly changing to become homes to those who are staying.

I took the exact same picture this time last year.
The rusty thing.
It's nice to see things that stay the same.
Whilst other things inevitably evolve and grow.

Myself and some other ladies.
Instead of dirtying our hands with plantings and constructings.
We went in search of flowers.
In their destruction we created the 7th Rise logo.
A seasonal compilation. Reflecting the colours of the cottage in spring time.
Daffs. Prims. Cups.
It was a pretty thing.

Naturally. Fires where started. Warming hands and hearts on a sunny but chilly day.
All natural fire of course... No flammables involved. No sir..

Time stops in this place.
You can breathe again.
I was sad to leave. Always.
I had to leave.
There was no want involved.

Well done Thom.
You have had an idea. Fixated on it. Developed it. Worked so hard. And most importantly, enjoyed that work.
From what I see from the sidelines. It is an exciting time.
As someone who dips in and out. Presenting you with pixels from paper.
Growing more and more.
The cottage. The community. The idea.
Spreading knowledge, joy and a little peace.
A place of pure inspiration.

When I grow tired of my daily 'stresses'. (I know how you would frown).
I do think about the cottage.
Last year in-particular. In the rain and at the start.

I am so happy that I have been involved. Even in this tiny way.

Thank you again. See you soon x

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