Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Living and Growing.

Life living with Man is good.
The winter months could be hard. It was dark. Lonely.
We tried to stay occupied with films and foods. But sometimes, these things just can't keep you from thinking yourself into a hole.
Thinking about the waste of a life. Your own. And how to progress... 
Now the days are a little longer. More time for outings other than work.
The sun has been shining, and even snoozes in the garden have been had.
The extra hours of leisure make it easier to to be optimistic.

I have had more thoughts about my Photographs.
Today my small digital camera came home from being fixed.  A nice little bit of post, for sure.
This is designated for day time snaps and blogging things of things. Although my phone is providing a good service for me.

I started a little garden.
Things to keep my occupied.
To start I had a nice little day of shopping for things that where on my list. Some got crossed off. Some are still waiting to be bought.
So far I have some Lavender and Rosemary.
More plans will be completed in time.

I look at my little pots with a soft joy.
This is just something to give me a small feeling of direction.
I'm still feeling around blind in the long grass, waiting for a landmark to appear on the horizon.
Once it does, maybe I will have grown a little myself.
Along with my little garden.

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