Thursday, 13 December 2012

The New Season.

It's that time again.
Where all blog posts on the internet start with the sentence, "It's that time again."
But yes. Hello December. Hello Cold. Hello Gluttony. Hello being poor. Again.
It's strange that I was in Falmouth for three years and this is the first one in which I will be here for a full run up. 
Before, in the Blue house, it was festive for sure. 
Tiny tree, fairy lights, hanging delights. 
But then Christmas came early. Very early.
We were always peaking too soon.
Going home for holidays by the 10th December every year. The time leading up to christmas was far too long. And now it is not long enough.
I have gotten back into my habit of having roast potatoes for snacks. Feeling desperately peckish but somehow being able to wait for a good hour to get my lips on some crunchy fluffy goodness dipped in rich gravy.
Like I have said before. This house is too much like the Blue house.
In the best way.

Good news.
I am employed.
Baker Tom's felt I would be a good little retail assistant for their bread and pastries shop in Truro.
With this new development, my freezer, and my belly is rapidly becoming full with bread.
Cinnamon and Raison bread toast for breakfast everyday. New Fav.
Alone in the shop. My own pace. Friendly customers. Nice little chats. Leftover crumbs.
It's a good place.
And always smells great.
And I finally have a Christmas party to attend.

One downside, as there usually is.
And for once, I don't mean the commute.
Whilst it may be the season for joy and shopping and present giving.
It is also the season for retail workers to be on their feet all day, right until christmas eve.
That will most likely be me.
Monday the 24th. I will be stood in a shop, full of bread.
My plan is still to make it home to Frome for the evening.
So if anyone who reads this, could please do me a favour, and on Christmas Eve, come to Baker Tom's Truro, and help empty the shop of bread and pastries.
Take home the Parmesan and red onion loaf, and the Green Olive special. Buy some Cinnamon and Raisin loaf for eggy bread on Christmas morning. (It's amazing)
Help make the shop bare, and then I may leave and make my way home for Christmas with my family.

Back to the build up to Christmas.
It's again a new thing. New house and new things. And I guess new traditions. My own ones.
So far there has been far too much mulled wine and watching Modern Family.
But now we have the shortest, fattest tree in the world and I cannot wait to decorate it.
With Cliche Christmas songs playing in the background. And probably bickering with man over the placement of certain baubles.
Even so. It's our Christmas.
The continuation of the new experiences.

For the day of. I intend to get up at 7:30am. Open my tiny gift at the end of my bed. Go downstairs to fire up a pot of coffee. Wait for the parents to surface, from their late night partying with the visiting Father Christmas. Open presents. Start drinking. Snowballs at 10am. Dress up. Cooking with Mummy. Muppets Christmas Carol. Lunch and all the trimmings. Being stuffed and eating more. Afternoon sleeps. Fiddling with gifts. Lego Starwars? Songs. Tipsy parents. More sleeps.
This is my Christmas.
Every year.

Though the run up is different this year. Three evenings and two days will be exactly the same.
And I wouldn't have it any other way.
The only difference. Is that I'll be driving home for Christmas. (Yes with that song playing too)

To then return to my new home with Man.
And welcome even more new tidings come the new year.
It will be colourful and lovely. 

A premature Merry Christmas to you. 

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