Monday, 2 January 2012

2012/// To-Do:

  • Get a Job. Flexible. Pretty. Nice people.
  • Look after my body. Drink less. Smoke less. Eat and drink healthily. My body is a temple and all that.
  • Find an enjoyable sporting activity to do weekly. Swimming. Hockey. Netball. Etc.
  • Do Yoga at least 5 times a week.
  • Save money. Go out less. Not buy so many clothes/things I don't need.
  • Knit a jumper.
  • Lose 1stone of weight.
  • Do a whole month of a Jillian Michael's work out.
  • Start selling Photographic prints. Online. Supply shops.
  • See friends alot more.
  • Aim to fill a roll of camera film every month.
  • Develop self motivation and will-power.
  • Reset. Maintain my body clock.
  • Educate myself. Read more classic books.
  • Move out. With friends. Alone. Something.
  • Be able to support myself. Mentally. Financially.
  • Learn a new language. French. Finnish. Italian. Russian.

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