Friday, 1 April 2011


This weekend should be lovely. I am really excited.
Tonight i am going to meet Mary, and i'm sure i haven't seen her properly in at least 4 years. It will be interesting to see how much we have changed since we last used to hang out all the time. I'm pretty sure i have changed quite a bit. Since i haven't seen her i have been going out with Joe, been at Uni, naturally changed i guess. I think i have changed slightly more recently as well, just through the people i have met in the last year and the work i have been doing. Realising my ambitions a bit more.
Mary can't stay out too late tonight but i'm hoping that i can meet other people out and about and stay out and have a typically rubbish but great night in Frome.

I am excited about the photos i take now. In everything. Because the ones i do take can be used in the blog for the making of the magazine.
Seasons. Which i will talk about properly on another day.

On saturday at the Frome Cheese and Grain there is also going to be a big camera sale, and i am going to go along. I hope to take some nice photos there, as well as maybe pick up a cheapish film SLR. My Olympus OM-2 is still off for repair, and i really need it back fixed or i just need to get a new one. There is one on ebay that i am watching at the moment but i think it's going to get a bit too expensive, so i will wait until tomorrow and see if i can get anything in the sale.

Sunday is Mothers Day, and i have got my mum the bog standard Card and chocolates. Like every year. But there you go. I don't consider it that great a holiday. Another reason for guilt trips to happen. Oh well.

Well now i have written this i am going to get ready for my outing. And i am positive that i will have no idea what to wear and it will take me the whole three hours until i'm meeting mary to get ready. Vain.

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