Monday, 4 April 2011

Seasons ////

I had an idea.
It's for a magazine. It comes out four times a year. Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter.
Honestly i have been finding it hard to sit down and explain it to this blog.
I have set up a Tumblr blog for it, to get the feel of the aesthetic sorted. Although at the moment it doesn't look anything like i want it.
I am setting up a 'Project' at the moment. But i have a huge To-Do list before i really should get that underway. I need to get a managers head on. I am going to have to delegate and then have people reporting back to me. I will have to trust people to meet the deadlines that i set. I am going to be very serious about this. I really want it to happen.
I am forgetting Chloƫ! Well this wasn't just my idea. I just seem to be starting it at the moment, until her work is over, and then she can work more towards it as well.
I still want to be in charge of the 'Project' though. I feel like it's my baby.

Main jobs on the To-Do list:
  • Make a Mock-up, so i can approach Graphic Designers and see if they would like to be involved, and that they have the right ideas that fit with the aesthetic that i want
  • Sort out what features i want.
  • Find out the costs of everything - Printing etc.
Once i have done this i can really get everything underway.

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  1. oh it's you! I was wondering how a Cornwall girl came across my blog and now it makes sense. Hello there ;)
    I'll keep my fingers crossed, hope the project turnes out great and soooon!