Sunday, 5 September 2010

TO DO//Autumn Term 2010:

Basically me and chloe keep saying that we should do things when we are at uni and most of the time the plans come to nothing or a meagre imitation. SO, we have a New Term Resolution that we are going to do EVERYTHING that is on this list, unless it is physically impossible, OR we are both skint.

TO DO//Autumn Term 2010:
  1. Join Tremough gym, £20 membership
  2. Go to Truro and do a massive beginning of term clothes shop
  3. Have a decent meal made by Tash from an awesome recipe ATLEAST once a month
  4. Beer & Burrito for £5 on Tuesday the 5th October
  5. Once a month have a house gathering, where each girl choses a magazine, a bottle of wine and a film each to entertain us for the evening
  6. Wear our new Wedges out as much as possible
  7. Go to different places when we go out and try to avoid always ending up in Club-I
  8. Have as many Coconut Coffees and Chai Lattes in Nero as we can handle
  9. Start a lookbook...
  10. ...Then record every outfit, new clothes/accessories that we deem worthy to go on it
  11. Take more nice pictures of each other when we are out (more of Tash as she is always behind the camera)
  12. Grow a lovely Herb garden
  13. Do a liquid diet week, (if we can manage it that long)-mainly soup and alcohol
  14. Buy/Make some nice cushions for the living room
  15. Go to the beach more often
  16. Go to the Firework Display with a hip-flask full of whiskey
  17. Get chloe to like Whiskey (Personal Goal of Tash's)
  18. Have a festive 'Uni-Christmas Day' with stockings, a big roast(made by tash), movies, mulled wine, presents..etc
  19. Snow Ball- pampering day and champagne included
  20. Hang out in Falmouth more, Day and Night
  21. Go to the Christmas Market
  22. Decorate Chloes room.
  23. Get a nice Poster/Picture and frame for the front room
  24. Renovate Sofa
  25. Get Tattoos
  26. October 2nd, Celebrate Chloe completing the house

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