Friday, 28 October 2011

Caught up.

Last weekend I spent the evening and day at Chloë's house. It was lovely. Full of food, as usual. Drinks, catchups and gossips.
We had some lovely tapas to accompany Chloë's delicious butternut squash soup. We had cava, wine and flaming sambuccas! Drank with a bit more dignity than we may have drank them at uni though.

Sunday, we really may as well have been in the Blue house. Nibbles. Roasties. Red wine gravy. Misfits. Uni basically.

I'm glad I listened to my spontaneous thoughts last friday and accepted the invitation to go round. I've really missed Chloë. It's nice to know that we are both in the same situation. Stuck at home, frustrated, eager to make our own lives. It will happen, and we both know it will take some time. But at least for now we both have someone who knows how it feels to be trapped.
After all the reminiscing we did last weekend about times at uni, I'm sure in a year or so, we will meet up again and reminisce once again about how easy our lives were a year ago.

I'm hoping for the best. For both of us.

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