Saturday, 7 May 2011


8 rolls of film.

I ask myself why i have such an expensive hobby, and then i answer myself. "Because I love it"

I am not a particularly talented photographer. Hence why I would never introduce myself as one. I would say that I do not practise photography, I practise Snapature. Snaps of moments, snaps of things, snaps of people that I find interesting, beautiful or just because I don't want to forget what I am taking a picture of. My photography is not art.
Snapature is purely a hobby for me, but it is one that I love, one that I am proud of and one that I am willing to spend ridiculous amounts of money on.
It sounds cliche, but there is some kind of magic that I find in photographs. The magic of it would be; being able to capture a split second of a moment, and having it there in your hands to look at and remember all over again. Capturing a Memory, a Place, a Time. Sometimes you can remember whole days or weeks from one picture. You can remember sounds, and smells. People and emotions.

If I can, I would like to capture amazing moments through photos for the rest of my life. Without forgetting to live these moments as they arise, of course. This way i can be surrounded by the beauty of what I see. Have walls of pictures in my house for all to see. Even if my life is ridiculously mundane, I will still be able to see that i at least lived a life.

This all sounds soppy and boring, and I apologise.

(I find it funny how you only take pictures in happy times. Writing seems to be preferred for the capturing of sadness.)

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