Thursday, 3 February 2011

Awesome Day.

  1. Woke up. Felt like it was a skinny day and decided to try on my dress, which i haven't worn for 2 years and the one that hasn't fitted properly for 3. IT FITS, really nicely, and im so happy about it. I never thought this day would come. Its so amazing. I think ill even post a picture at some point.
  2. I handed in my dissertation today, so that is all done, out the way and out of my head thank god.
  3. I finished the single finger knuckle duster today, which i will post later, and it was very popular. It's annoying when people ask me why i haven't been making things this good for the last couple of years though...
  4. I had a discussion with my tutor today about my future and what i want to do. The main goal for later in life is to own my own gallery, charging for space and then taking commission if pieces sell. The short term goals are to decide what i am going to do IMMEDIATELY after uni. So july. Obviously ill go home for a month or so to organise my stuff. But then is when i have to think of what to do. It could either be getting a job in a gallery in bath and live with joe which i would really like. Or get a job here in cornwall, somewhere in a gallery and seeing as joe is finished and we have been apart for the whole time at uni he could either move to be with me or we could just spend some more time apart, but i'm not sure about this idea. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want to move to live with me in cornwall, but mainly because he wouldn't want to feel like he had been forced to move to be with me. I know that would be apparent for anyone he might have been with though. Another option is to go into business with a friend, managing a shop? gallery space? making stuff? etc. Thats the quite vague option really, but still a promising option none the less.
Today has made me feel motivated, and excited and a little bit hyper. I will post a picture of the ring i made later.

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