Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I really dont understand.

I dont get it.
Do teenagers think its alright to just hang themselves in their bedrooms and jump of bridges just because they were being bullied? Iv been bullied ALL MY LIFE in some way or another, mainly for being ginger, i can take it with a pinch of salt now, and it really doesn't bother me. But where were the parents of these children telling them that its nothing to worry about and the feeling will pass? Did they watch too many drama programmes and think oh its ok to just snuff it?
Fucking idiots.
Im glad they died. Harsh but do we really need idiotic weak people in the world? I know plenty of gay people, and the reason they are here alive is because they didn't let bullying get them down, they weren't doing it for attention, in most cases its made them better people from being bullied, yes it makes you feel like shit and like you dont want to go to school or whatever, but its a passing thing. IT GOES AWAY.
Obviously like these Teenagers got rid of their lives.


Also, this blog is entertaining me about the whole thing.. HERE

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