Wednesday, 13 March 2013


There has been a lapse in productivity.
My time spent mostly at work.
Then being too tired for anything else on days off.
Having no money.

These things are all just silly excuses.

I know that motivation is all about perceiving certain things in a certain way.
Glass half full.
Until today it has very much just been empty.
For a while now I have been a sad one.
For reasons that I can not entirely put my finger on. So cannot share to you for now.
And for more reasons unknown, I woke up this morning with an idea in my head.
To get some wind under my withered wings.
Stop using currency as a barrier to prevent me doing the things that I love.
To stop me progressing. 

Yes I am working alot. Yes I am earning my fair share. And yes most of that money may be going to the necessities of living.
But I can use some pennies, slowly, to build up what I need.
Create a space in my life for my Photos.
I may not be able to get all the things done all at once.
But there are things I can be getting on with.
Without money, and without much energy. 

I will need to be patient.
It seems that the trait that I have the least, is always the reoccurring factor for these ventures and plans. 
Slowly. Surely.
Things will take shape.

I am blogging again.
And surely that is a start.
To getting back my old self. 

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