Monday, 7 May 2012

Let's Tree.

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
Busy. Busy. Busy.

First there was Falmouth.
Then there was France.
Then there was Mexico.
Then there was infatuations.
Then there were ruined opportunities.

Neglect is all I see on my lovely little blog.
I will be updating it and you this week.
I have the time.
No plans.
No distractions.

I have taken lots of pretty films for your retinas to enjoy.
My little travels were rewarding to me in the way of images.
Not so much on my ankle. Or my bank balance. Or my sanity.
I will tell you more.
Worry not.

I mean to make a real go out of my photography.
A missed opportunity this weekend was but a blip.
The marvelous bastard that is British weather, playing with my dreams.
Never mind. Never mind.
Anyway. I need a website. New equipment. Some funds.
I have a few plans.
Many, MANY lists.
Bits of paper flying all round my room. Hiding in my bag.
More being made in my head.

It's all good and exciting.
I just need a good kick start.
A little help.
And a bit of cheek.
And i'll be off.

You will see some pretties soon.

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