Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A nice day.

Now I know that everyone has their presents, I feel safe in posting this picture.
On the 13th. I think. I had a lovely day. It was an early morning. Gusty. To town to sign the little form. To buy presents. Pretty presents. A little shop called the Golden Goose entertained me for at least an hour. Full of trinkets and little pretties. My favourite kind of shop. While in there I had alot of fun smelling candles. Beautiful scents. Honeysuckle sweet. Blush soft. They were bought. Some surprising tones coming from little tin pots.
I went to the garden cafe that day. By then it was raining. All shopped out and waiting for parking tickets to expire. Moneys worth.
I sat outside. Under the porch. In the rain. The wind subdued by the four stone walls. I smoked a cigarette. I drank my tea. Listening to sounds. Chatters and Clatters.

Yes a pointless little paragraph.
But a lovely day it was.

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