Tuesday, 26 July 2011

No more making.

So this is the result of the month spent in the shed. The shed of love. The shed of frustration. The shed of pain. The blood-shed. The shed of happiness. The shed of relief. I love my shed. I am sad to leave it.

Managing to incorporate my hair into my designs has been fun. The drawings were effective too, but this feels more personal and i'm pleased with how they look. Somehow the hair is more free than the drawings. There is more trapped movement. More illustrative maybe.

I have a total of three final rings. I intended to make four, but the fourth design has been proving difficult and time consuming all the way through the process. I maybe should have dropped it earlier.

I am pleased with the results of these rings. My only worry is that I am once again repeating the end of term, thinking I have done enough, working hard for a short amount of time when i should have been doing it the whole time. I think I have been working well. My right arm is proof. The ache in my back is proof. I am just really scared that my hardest still isn't enough. It wouldn't be surprising to me if this was the case.

Anyway. Onwards, to a life outside of the shed.

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  1. they look so great Tash, the hard work has payed off. Well done xx