Monday, 20 December 2010

Snow etc.

I have been taking lots of pictures on my lomo of the snow and christmas lights, and being all festive, but i cant find anywhere that will develop them for a nice price and in square format. So no-one will see any of this festivity until AFTER the holidays and when im back in falmouth.

Anyway, what about this snow huh? Crazy, we probably will have a picturesque white christmas and everyone is moaning. This is what you want you know.
Ok yes its annoying that christmas presents from the internet might not turn up in time. But its like the first white christmas in FOREVER!

Being home is average, my mum and dad aren't bugging me about getting a job for once. Which is just weird really.
I have my lovely new mac, and im on it now, its lovely and shiny and new and white and nice and mmmmm.

I am just planning Joe's christmas hamper of baked goods as he doesn't actually want anything. So ill make him shit-loads of sugary snacks.

Weight? Well i havn't weighed myself in a little while but i still feel t
he same so im hoping i havnt put much on yet, christmas eve/day/boxing day is just going to be a massive binge, but its christmas and cant be helped. But after that it wont be too bad to get back on track.

Here is a picture of me to keep anyone who actually reads this going.
Im going to go and ice the christmas cake.

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